How can I explain...........

to my mate that I really cannot face/imagine going shopping for a BM dress for her wedding so soon/early??

My son is just 10 weeks old and so I am just getting used to what my 'new body' is like and at the mo, just can't imagine wearing a beautiful figure hugging dress over my now saggy tummy! Also her wedding isn't until next August and so, by then, my figure will probably have changed loads, esp as I will no longer be BF as I am at the moment.

My mate has found dresses she likes and wants me to go shopping with her next month!! It's just too soon after Robert's birth and I just can't face it!!

How do I tell her that though without just sounding like an awquward cow? I have tried dropping hints about my body shape changing but to no avail.........Please help! :cry:


  • Ugh, I can totally imagine how you feel! I really can't think of anything you could do except to be honest with her. Perhaps you could compromise by going with her to have a look at them, but not trying on until nearer the time?
  • id stick with the 'changing body' thing and suggest that it will be a waste of money buying a dress now as youll need it altering by the time the wedding comes around, and rather not waste any money in the current economic climate
  • Hi hun,
    My step sister has asked me to be a bridesmaid (aggggghhhh!) and I would feel exactly the same as you. I think a good friend would totally undertand about how you need time to adjust to your new bod. Also it's not like your not going to do it or going looking with her and be involved. Am sure she'll understand if you tell her. Good luck and am sure it's be fine x
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