Nappy advice needed

My 10 week old is approaching 14lb and has been using Pampers New Baby 3 but as they are only designed for 9-15lb babies, I'm wondering what to put him in next.

I've seen pampers do two types, Baby Dry and Active Fit, both for babies between 9lb-20lbs but I don't know which type I should be looking at. Any advice? Thanks xx


  • With my lo I use the Active Fit in the day at the Baby Dry at night. I use the Asda Little Angels ones though. He's had an Active Fit on twice for bed when Daddy has put it on him by mistake and they have leaked both times. He used to wear the Baby Dry throughout the day as well but then I thought I'd get the Active Fit for the day now that he's trying to move about a bit, not that they seem much different tbh! x
  • i use baby dry xx
  • I use huggies, just now she wears super dry, but when she starts to move around more i will prob move onto the natural fit or the little walkers i think

    so many choices out there!

  • I use baby dry. Ive used activ fit and didnt find any difference but you get more nappies in a box of baby dry so theyre a bit cheaper!!
  • i use huggies super-dry or asdas own ones, i find that they are the only 2 that dont leak for my lo xxx
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