Not smiling at 6 weeks

My lo is turning 7 weeks today, and is rather stingy with the smiles. I only ever see him smile when I burp him, so assume it's gas. He is usually on his side so never smiles while looking at me no matter how animated I get. 2/3 times he has smiled at DH and DS1, but never at me. Heard him chuckle in his sleep a few times too as well as smile in sleep. DS1 gave me big grins at 3 weeks. Anyone have this?


  • I think this is normal, my lo always laughed in her sleep all the time, she was smiling at 6 weeks but it wasnt often. Dont worry he will smile for you when he is ready and it will be a big huge grin xxx
  • James rarely smiles in response to us smiling at him. He'll only really do it if you kiss his chin, or make noises when kissing his cheek. Haven't heard him laugh yet, even in his sleep. All babies develop bu slightly different rates. We might just have to be patient. :\) xx mithical and James 6 weeks 3 days.
  • Stop panicking, every baby is different and one baby might smile at 6 weeks one might not until 10! my little girl didn't smile until she was 9/10 weeks. My stupid GP got her books out and told me she should have been smiling already and treated me like I was doing something wrong!.

    Do us mums really need the added stress of this nonsense!? NO, your baby will smile when they are ready and its no reflection on their mental state or wellbeing if they choose to wait longer than other babies!! nor does it mean you are doing anything wrong.

    I will never track my daughters progress against some book or that of familiies/health visitors/midwives advice, that is based on averages taken years ago! Nobody knows your baby better than you.

    I bet your baby is perfect! and the smile that comes will light up your life so dont worry about what other people say! It will happen! xx
  • So finally LO gave me some long big grins yesterday morning and this morning. Think he heard me talking about him behind his It really melted my heart!
  • That's great. When they smile, we smile. image xx
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