Still no teeth at 8 months?

I know it can take up to LO's being 12 months for teeth to come through but DD STILL hasn't got a tooth through but I'm positive she's been teething for aaaaaages!
Is it normal? What age did your LO's get their 1st tooth?
Her gums are rock hard, she's drooling like a Great Dane (lol), and all general teething signs but where are they?! x


  • My lo is 8 months next week and she still has no teeth, she has been teething ages!!! It got so bad a few weeks ago and I was convinced they were going to come up and then it eased off again!!
  • HI Kelly,
    Isabelle is the same, she's 8 1/2 months and still no teeth xx
  • Hi Kelly image AJ got his first at 6 months but my hubby James was chatting to his workmate the other day and his daughter got her first at 14 months so I think theres just no timescale. Hope your gorgeous girl is well xxx
  • My DS was 10 months when he cut two teeth. He's now 13 months and STILL only has two teeth!!

    He doesn't even appear to be teething!! I'm not too worried, he can eat well, with the exception of cold ham!!xx
  • My lo had no teeth at 8 months. She cut her top two at 9 months and now 3 more have broken through at 10 months old. Her top teeth are huge! Poor thing looks like Bugs Bunny! Hopefully she'll grow into them lol!

    Cat xxx
  • Hugo got first tooth at 11 and a half months, next one about 2 weeks after, then top two somewhere 13 monthish, then next 4 teeth around 15 - 17 months. now at 21 months, he has the 8 front ones and 4 molars. There are a few of his friends same age who have all but the last 4 back molars. (20 milk teeth in total)

    I would say no worries, they will come, and they come totally individually for everyone :P
  • Snap Kelly, Seth is showing all the signs and have been for months but but still NO teeth! grrrr
    I am positive one is on the way though he has been chewing on me all day today, fingers, hands etc!!!
    Teething granules and ambersol before bed tonight!!
  • Thanks everyone for all your replies, nice to know that the ages vary greatly! I was just a bit concerned because every time I think "ooo this is it she's teething more than usual, so there's gotta be a tooth coming through" it's amounted to nothing so far!!!
    Suppose the longer they stay in the less likely they are to rot etc with formula & silicone teats! xx
  • lol kelly we keep thinking its about the happen and then nothing!! dont worry, phoebe is 8months next week and we still havent got anything either!!
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