exclusively BFing at 8-9 months

Anyone doing this? I am, and starting to drop feeds. How many feeds is you LO on a day? what did you replace with when they dropped? Did you instigate the drop or did they?


Em x


  • My lo is 16 months now, I stopped feeding a few weeks ago.

    At that age I think he was still on 4 feeds a day. I had to drop the feeds myself. I started with mid afternoon and replaced it with a large yoghurt (this was eventually replaced with a beaker of cows milk at 12 months, once he'd got the idea that milk from anything other than mummy is ok!)

    By 12 months he was down to a feed when he woke and one before bed(plus a couple during the night which is a different story but we did get him off them in the end!) I had to drop each feed though, he didn't do it naturally himself x
  • yes, we still do a night feedimage

    We have just dropped a mid morning feed and replaced with half a yog and some fruit or a biscuit.

    Plan to be down to one feed at 12m, as i have to go back to work and leave at 5.30nam, so no morning feed image

    Glad, it seems like im on the right track!

    Em x
  • DD1 started going to the childminder at 9 months so in prep for this I replaced daytime bfs with bottles from 6 months. So from 6 months to about one year she had bf morning, bottle mid-morning, bottle mid-afternoon, bf before bed.

    She was also offered a snack with her mid-morn and mid-afternoon bottles from 9 months, which she had some of, but she still very much wanted both bottles (as well as the am and pm bfs) until about a year old.

    So the short answer is: four! And nothing was replaced, but snacks were offered in addition.
  • Luke is nearly 11 months and untill about 8 weeks ago was sstill having 4 feeds a day but he droped that one by himself and if he is thirsty he now as juice, still having the afternoon bf plus night and morning, so now down to 3 feeds.
  • my son is 9 months and for past month has been on 3 a day. One feed first thing one mid morning and one at bed time. He wasn't needing 4 feeds and was bagging himself up on milk at t time and not eating his solids. Every other feed he has dropped by himself as up till 5 months or so he fed 2 hourly.
  • Oscar is just about 10m and We're on 3-4 bf a day depending on whether I'm at work or not. I work 6am-2pm 3 days a week, so he misses his waking feed these 3 days. I leave him with a beaker of formula for his dad to give him and he seems fine.

    I demand feed him to be honest. I give it to him when he asks for it. I always offer bedtime one, but he often doesn't want it as he's full from his dinner!

    When he's poorly or teething I feed him at night too.

    He's my 2nd baby. with my 1st I bf him to a year. I was quite strict and dropped feeds 1 by one until at 9m he was on 3, morning, mid aft and bedtime. He dropped these feeds himself by biting me when he didn't want them. I replaced the mid aft one with a snack and the bedtime one with a beaker of formula. I never replaced the waking one, we just went downstairs for breakfast a bit sooner!

    I plan to let Oscar bf for as long as he wants when he wants. (as long as I'm available of course!)

  • My lo has just turned 11 months and we dropped his third feed a few days ago. He only has one in the morning and in the evening before bed. At 9 months he had 4 feeds, we dropped mid afternoon at 10 months and replaced with a biscuit and drinkie and then a month later I have dropped the mid morning fees and replaced with a piece of fruit or yoghurt. He hasn't missed it so far, I miss it the most I cried this week giving him his apple image this is in preperation for return to work in Sept image

    hope this helps

    x x
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