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Shouting at baby?

I find it so hard to know what you should and shouldn't do regarding discipline.
My lo is only 17 months so too young to understand naughty steps or time outs or any of that stuff. Equally sitting him down and explaining what he has done wrong doesn't do any good, although I do do that, in practice for when he's old enough to properly understand what i'm saying.
My problem with him is that he throws a complete tantrum any time I try to change his nappy, cut his nails, wash his hair, cut his hair, wipe his face after meals etc. So obviously that's quite a few tantrums every day and it's wearing me down.
Today I totally lost it with him while i was trying to cut his nails. He has a heat rash and has scratched himself to pieces, so I really did have to cut them and after 3 separate attempts, i lost my temper and started shouting at him. I really scared him and I scared myself by how angry I was. Even when I was yelling at him to sit still, he was clinging to me for comfort. I can't describe how guilty I feel, but I know we'll have the same tantrums again next time I have to change his nappy.


  • oh hun dont worry. theres only so much you can take! and trust me archie has pushed me to my limit sometimes! and hes only 7 months!!!!!

    if it were me, even tho he might not understand, just sit him down when hes quiet and explain to him that mummy is sorry she shouted and that he needs to be a good boy for you....even tho they dont respond, they do understand hon,,, i normally use a distraction with archie cuz he hates his nails cut and hair washed....i sound like a total loony when distracting him, but it does work!
  • dont feel bad i think most mums shout at some time or another. toby is the same with tanrums at the moment whenever i try to do anything he doesnt want me to does at times drive me mad but i keep on telling my self its just a stage and he is also not old enought to under stand why he has to sit still to have his nappy done .sorry not really any advice but it does get easier as they get older and have a better understanding of things
  • oh hun, we've all been there, especially when the terrible 2's approach! It does get easier when they start to understand consequences and they will be given time out if they don't behave or a toy will be taken away etc. Don't be hard on yourself!

  • Charlotte is the same age and tbh I have snapped at her too - esp in this heat as it tends to zap your patience.

    It happens, it's normal. Once they are more understanding of right & wrong hopefully it will be easier.....!!?? Don't beat yourself up about it.
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