Our dragonfly is floppy is yours ??

Hi Ladies

We bought our LO a rainforest jumperoo yesterday and put it together.

The picture on the box shows the dragonfly toy as standing up straight but ours is floppy

Can i ask anyone who has one whats yours like



p.s. She loves the jumperoo


  • Mine's floppy too - i don't see the point of it because lo can't get at it it just flops over the edge - i wondered if it was right, seems a bit rubbish to me! x
  • Droopy, floppy, slouchy and very very soggy (didn't come soggy mind!!) x
  • mins a floppy too image well davids ... lol
  • Thanks Ladies

    Yeah i agree an adult size one would be great looks like great fun!!!
  • lol! i posted the exact same question when Charlie had his - i was convinced it should do something but sadly flopping is about it!! xx
  • yep, ours is floppy, I was going to take it back to Argos haha! xxx
  • and ours.. although charlie is starting to notice the toys on it and stops and plays with them rather than just jumping around like a loon :lol:
  • Lol, yes ours is floppy too, hubby was most annoyed that it was a misleading pic! But Riley loves it, he grabs it and chews it whilst bouncing. It's his fave bit. xxx
  • It's Ruby's favourite toy and very floppy and soggy!
    I even take it off and give it to her in her highchair or sat on the floor at times! x
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