what washing powder do u use??

Hi, just sneaking in from pregnancy forum...what washing powder and softner do u use for baby's clothes?? i always just use persil but is it best to use a non-bio??? if so which do u recommend?


  • I'm probably not the norm as I buy whatever is on offer at the time and always have! You are supposed to use non bio but I've never bought it specifically and Poppy has never had a problem with her skin.
  • I just use my standard persil biological - I think it is only important to use non bio if baby turns out to have sensitive skin!
  • I also use whatever's on offer! Usually non-bio, but bio if I'm trying to shift poo stains or something image
  • I have to use fairy non bio, davids so sensitive, i tried persil non bio to no avail lol
  • whatever is on offer to be honest, using persil at the min

  • I only ever use non bio as I have exzema and cant tolerate anything else. Softner sets me off just handling clothes washed in it, regardless whether its a sensiive one or not so we dont use this at all.
    I use own brand non bio capsules after actually looking at the difference in price between this and named brands.
    We swapped a lot of our shopping from name brands to own brands and save on average ??50 per month. Some things though have to be branded, like Bread and Beans, lol!

  • I use fairy non bio along with fairy softener sometimes. Never changed from that because its been the best for me and the family.

    Lisa xxx
  • We use Fairy non bio liquitabs and Fairy fabric softener. LO has dry skin and have found that Comfort and Lenor Pure make me and OH itch. We like the smell as well.
  • I use non bio as hubby's got funny skin and when Lily was newborn she had a manky rash! I use fairy fabric softner.
  • I used to use bio until somebody pointed out on here you should use non bio.
    I brought Tescos non bio liquid as it was the cheapest at the time and brought about 3 bottles. Only just started the 2nd bottle. I dont know if there is any real diff between tesco on persil or fairy.
  • I always use Daz and I have never had any problems.
  • Anything really if it's on offer. Gabe's never had a problem with bio or non bio, doesn't seem to make a difference even though he suffers with severe eczema. The only brand we can't use is Bold as oh is allergic to it. We tend to use comfort sunshine fabric softener as the smell is yum! xx
  • I'm the same as PTB xox
  • I use Fairy non bio or tesco non bio if i'm particularly skint that week! I'm allergic to biological washing powders, so everyone else has to just manage with non bio. I don't think Oscar has particularly sensitive skin though so i don't think it would matter to him.

    For those who don't use fabric softener as they're allergic have you used JML dryer balls? They're pretty good, you just pop them in with your wash and they soften the fabric for you. They're also supposed to shorten drying time but i don't find they make much difference at this x
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