police have been informed!

hi all i have not been on here for a while as every time i come on something seems to have upset everything again... i used to love this place!!

i would just like to say that i have spoken to my friend who happens to be a police women and she is going to investigae this matter as everything has gone to far now. this is all i am saying on the matter as i DO NOT want to stir anything up.

sorry if you think i am out of order but this is the saftey of ourselves and our children - something not to be messed with.


  • That's ok hun, a couple of the other girls have friends//family in the police and they have also passed it on. Hopefully we will see an end to it soon
  • hopefully we will. i don't get to come on here often as i have mobile internet and it wont let me post but i can still read everything that happens i am just utterly disgusted by all of it!!
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