gc - anyone got the pliko prammette? x

Hello ladies,

Hope you and your cute little babies are all well.

I am g/c from pregnancy, hope you don't mind,

Im 22+3 and we've been looking at prams for the last few weeks, the one that keeps catching my eye is the Pliko Prammette from Mamas and Papas. Just wanted to know if you have got / had this pram and what your thoughts and experiences are on it - good or bad.

It's so confusing, so your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,


X x x


  • Hi Purplebubbles,
    Yes I have the Pliko Pramette and I love it. My LO is now 6 months but was/is a small baby so she was in the pram mode up until about 19 weeks when we put her in the pushchair while out and about - had she been a bigger baby then she'd have outgrown the pram mode sooner. Up until a few weeks after that though, she still had her daytime naps in the pram in the lounge with me, after that I put her up in her cot for naps (as this was the same time she outgrew her moses basket.)
    I don't have anything I don't like about the buggy, except the sun parasol - it's rubbish, but I think all buggy parasols are the same!
    I would definitely recommend it and would buy it again if I had the chance to re-choose,
  • hello MA,

    thank you for replying - it's really helpful to have people's views on it.

    can I ask - do you find it too heavy at all? it seems quite lightweight in the shop - but it could be a different story if you're out and about all day. just wanted to double check.

    also, do you mind that its not backward facing?

    I'm expecting my fist little bundle of joy in december, so all of this is a whole new world for me!!!

    thank you for your help

    x x x
  • Hey hun,

    Just want to echo what MummyJackson said. I love my pram! It is so neat and collapses really small. It is also great for public transport, it's quite narrow so fits great on the bus/train. My dd is also 6 months and still takes her naps in the pram.

    I would say that the pram feels a little hard so we use it with the cosytoes. Although this has never bothered my dd and she slept really well in it image I think you can now get padded sheets for the pram mode?

  • I don't find it heavy but we are just lugging it in and out the car. It can feel heavy to push when we use it with the car seat, although it's not that bad.

    By the time my dd went into the buggy mode she was trying to sit up and was getting frustrated at lying down, so she loves being forward facing so she can watch the world go by. I didn't like it at first but there is a little window in the hood so you can peek at lo in the buggy image

    hth x
  • In terms of weight, it depends how you plan to use it. If we're not walking from home to wherever, then I use my car so only have to carry to and from the car for which it's fine. If you use public transport, I'm not sure, it may be a little cumbersome?
    Backward facing - when I was choosing buggies, forward/parent facing wasn't even one of my considerations, I'd never even thought about it. Obviously when in pram mode your LO will be facing you, which I loved. I have to admit I really missed having her facing me when we went to pushchair mode, but she loves it. Jibbering away while having a nosey around everything and everyone seems to be what she wants. I would love to have a parent facing version of the pliko, but it would be for purely selfish reasons as she certainly doesn't need to see me when we're out and about to be happy!
    The other buggy we considered was the Mothercare Mychoice, which if I remember correctly can be forward and parent facing? But we looked and played with it several times and I was never 100% certain I wanted it, then we went to M&P and saw the Pliko and bought it there and then as it just felt right. Buggies are definitely the thing we took longest to choose which one, but you'll get there image
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
  • I have the pilko as well and I looooove it, my lo is almost 10 months and we used the pram mode until she was about 5 months old, really light as well.
  • I love mine. It's quite lightweight, but after about 16 weeks I found it quite heavy, but I have a very bad back so lifting a 13lb baby is very heavy to me. She did outgrow the pram bit after 10 weeks, but she's so long she outgrew it very quickly. My oh loves it too cause he can change the length of the handles which is good cause he's so tall. It was quite stiff first few times but was easier to do after it had been used.

    My only but about it was the car seat is very very heavy. I can't lift a big weight but even now with a 4 month baby my hubby can't carry it with the baby in it for very long, so it stays in the car. But that's not a huge problem.

  • thank you everyone for your replies and opinions,

    I think I am sold!!! I've been finding it really hard to definately choose, but I think we're nearly there now! thank you.

    Will pop to mamas and papas at the weekend and have a proper "play" with it,

    thanks again everyone,

  • we sold ours this weekend in ebay after never using it. it was the old version though. in pram mode it wasnt totally flat and you could feel the straps under the prm bit. it stroller mode the baby isnt strapped in at the shoulders and has a lot of wriggle room. i also hated that it wasnt parent facing. although there is the pliko switch that is parent facing.
  • Hi Calleigh

    thank you for letting me know how you got on with it - it's these sorts of things that I havent got a clue about or even look for. I'll definately have a look at the pliko switch,

    just so much choice - its mind boggling!

    thanks again
  • like i said though the issues we had are with the old version and the new versions seems to have addressed the issues of the straps and the lie flat at least.
  • Was also going to suggest t switch, esp if you want parent facing too. We have the switch in brown cord and i do love it, though find it difficult to steer sometimes. I am glad i got one that could face both ways as when dh took the pram liner off it to make it into the push chair i thought dd looked too small for it and would have hated it if she was facing away from me x
  • I have the switch, and I find it very heavy image

    It's great that it's parent facing, it's the reason why I bought it. And it lays totally flat, I know some of my friends prams don't.

    But as well as being heavy, it's awful to steer, the wheels squeak and lock, and I am always ramming peoples ankles by accident. Plus, the basket is quite small and hard to get into.
  • I have the switch, and I find it very heavy image

    It's great that it's parent facing, it's the reason why I bought it. And it lays totally flat, I know some of my friends prams don't.

    But as well as being heavy, it's awful to steer, the wheels squeak and lock, and I am always ramming peoples ankles by accident. Plus, the basket is quite small and hard to get into.
  • Congratulations! I had my little boy in December, seems so far away!

    I love the Pliko Pramette but my only downside is because we had such a looooong baby. He only stayed in pram mode until he was 13 weeks. Luckily he never really did the newborn stage so was trying to sit up at this stage but had to have him forward facing in pushchair mode at this stage although laying as flat as he could. Like someone said, I didnt' consider forward facing to be a problem as I was told he'd been in pram mode until he was 5 months, by which time I thought he wouldn't want to look at me! but it was really sad that I couldn't see him. the parasol is absolutely rubbish too!
    My friend has a quinny buzz and kind of wished I looked more into that but unfortunately I saw the pliko and fell in love. I love the fact it looks like an old fashioned pram!

    The only thing I will say is now he is nearly 8 months it's fab. It folds down really small, more like a normal pushchair and is pretty light. I can lift it straight into the boot and i'm no wonderwoman! It was definately worth it's money for us as we will be using it until number 2 I reckon but it was very sad he couldn't use pram mode for very long.
    Fingers crossed you have a tiny baby, I think it would have been my dream pram if I had, unfortunately he got Daddy's legs and not mine! xxx
  • So lovely to hear you're pram shopping hun. I wanted the pramette, but oh vetoed it (he thought it felt too flimsy). My friend has got one and loves it! It's fab that it's so easy to switch from pram to buggy...I adore my bugaboo but must admit I am jealous of the easy swap-over x
  • Think I'm in the minority here ....

    I have one and I don't love it - so much so it now lives 200 miles away at my mum's!

    Found it heavy, hard to steer one handed (something I didn't consider when choosing but essential for supermarket shopping) and wanted Freddie to face me for a lot longer than the Pramette would allow. Also the car seat is incredibly heavy before you even put baby in it!

    Bought a Loola Up off eBay and haven't looked back since.

    Good luck - it's such a hard decision!

  • We've just bought the M&P Sola which is fab. Can't rave about it enough. The seat is huge, and one of the reasons we went for it as LO is tall and outgrew the M&P Skate. It's rear and forward facing, you can attach a car seat, ours is a maxi cosi and fits on, and you can buy a seperate carrycot for when they are very little. It's light, easy to push, and looks fantastic, people are always commenting on it. It's perfect!! And very reasonable in price!!

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