Father Christmas?

What do you ladies do about Father Christmas? Do you tell your los he is real, do you tell them otherwise? How do you deal with this. I was raised without and told from the start that he wasn't real but my dh family is really big on Father Christmas and goes well out of their way to make it real. I sometimes worry I am giving really mixed messages to my children.


  • Sam is only 13 months old so he doesn't quite understand about santa clause yet but me and oh are definately going to 'pretend' he exists. I think it makes christmas much more fun. I always remember as a child trying to stay awake so I could hear santa coming. One year however, I put a mark on the carrot I left out for rudolf and the next day on christmas day, I had a look at the carrots in the cupboard and it was still there. I think thats when I realised he didnt exist!

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  • im doing the whole santa thing! my older 2 will be keeping up the pretence 2, im gonna fill the stockings at the bottom of the bed and sprinkle glitter from bedroom to living room image i LOVEit all,lol. we dont have a chimney so use a "magic " key. i cant wait, i think i get more exited than the kids and i dont even get a pressie!
  • Funny - as I was concerned that my children would think I lied to them about Santa and the tooth fairy. But as they got older (now 13 and 10) they just seemed to realise and now we love the pretence of doing it all with Sam.
  • Oh I can't wait to tell her all about Father Christmas! Of course she won't understand it yet.. lol! But I think it is part of the 'magic' of Christmas. I have wonderful memories of waking up and finding my stocking at the end of the bed, I wouldn't want Beth to miss out on that. I don't see it as lying to kids, any more than reading them stories is lying.
  • I love the father christmas thing too. I think it must be so magical to believe in it and I cant imagine anyone wishing their parents had been honest with them about it.
    I do think though that you need to be aware of not letting them believe too old. My step brother believed until he was about 10 and being older I was really teased him about it (prob was a bit mean but thats what siblings do!) and made him feel a bit stupid for it!

  • Oh yes, definitely!
    It was the same for me Hedgie. My mum hates all that stuff (she actually told me and my sister Santa didnt exist - we cried! - I was 11 for the record) but my dad gets really into it, putting out mince pies, a glass of brandy and carrot for the reindeer. And leaving crumbs and a letter from Father christmas. He'd come down in the morning and say "God, he's a messy eater, that santa!". Our family love it. He still pretends I believe in santa & I'm 20!
    My mum stopped believing when she was 5. Her parents took her to see Santa for the 2nd year, and she said "Father Christmas doesn't exist because that one has different boots to the one last year." :lol:
  • kirst3 i really wanna steal ur glitter on the carpet idea!! image
  • I love Santa! & was sooo heart broken when I was told in school aged 11! & still didn't believe them! lol I asked my mum and she told me as i'd be starting secondary school the next sept! haha! I love all the magic! & I think in a time where there is no inocents left I will try and create so really special memories.. raindeer tracks in the snow (if we have any!) A mess on my kitchean floor (lol that i will play along to giving out about!!) I love the glitter idea! I will be leaving food out! & writting a letter to Charlie from santa and mention things that he has done that have been good! (lol so he knows santa is watching!)

    the only thing i'm confused about is how do you know which sort of pressies come from santa and which are from mummy and daddy?

    lol i've even bought special paper saying 'delivered from the north pole' for his santa gifts! too little to understand now but be lovely for his memories when he sees the photos! x
  • I can't remember when I realised/found out that father christmas wasn't real, but I remember telling my Dad that I still believed because I thought I wouldn't get a stocking otherwise! (my parents seperated when I was very young) He then teased me when I was older because I beleived for so long!

    For me and dh, stocking presents were from father christmas, other presents are from parents etc, so will keep this for lo. My dh wants to buy a father christmas outfit for future years!
  • We always had a real distinction between santa pressies and our others- santa's pressies were waiting on our beds when we woke up and we could open them straight away, they kept us happy until mum was ready to get up! We didn't open the others until later in the day, around the christmas tree as a family. So we always knew which was which.

    I so can't wait for Christmas! It'll be great to start our own little family traditions.
  • it_must_be_love where did u get the delivered from north pole wrapping paper from? I think thats a great idea!

    We going to order a letter from santa online, you can get a reply themed on babys first xmas which was lovely and will be put in Charlie's keeping box, this will be done every year so that he has a collection of letters!

    We don't have a fireplace in our current house so when charlie is older we will tell him that santa has a magic key to open the back door then we will put some footprints in the kitchen.

    We have bought charlie one 'big' present from santa and then his stocking fillers from santa too. But we will tell charlie that santa bought his present from mummy and daddy. Its a tradition on my hubbies side that he wanted to carry on. Basically we asked santa to get the present for us. I think thats how it worked lol. xx
  • I will definitely let Frankie believe in santa! I loved writing letters to him and leaving out milk and a mince pie. I used to stay awake as late as i could to listen out for him.

    The way i knew my presents where from my parents was they told me they went to meetings with father christmas where the three of them decided what i would be getting. I was always very disappointed that i wasnt allowed to go to a meeting with father christmas. Now i look back im pretty sure these meetings took place on a thursday night lol. We are going to tell frankie the same thing.
  • We leave out milk and cookies for Father Christmas and the boys leave out their stockings ready to be filled!!
    For them, the stocking presents are the ones from him and they get to open them straight away and eveything else get is from me or nanny & grandad etc.
    My friends kids were told that all the presents came from Father Christmas
  • i like the idea of the meeting with santa! especially as santa gets charlie the mummy and daddy presents too!
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