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Just looking for advice on childcare. How do you deal with it if you work shifts? My hubby works shifts of 4 on 4 off & works 8am-7pm, When I go back I will be working set days but due to shifts I can start work at 4.30am one morning then not start to 3pm the next day. Also, as I work for an airline I'm prone to delays. How did you go about organising childcare?

Would be great to hear from those that are in the airline industry as well

Thanks in advance.

Jayne xx


  • Hi i work shifts at the moment but i am training to be a child minder. alot of people who work shifts use child minders as they are more flexible than nurserys.
    When I start child minding, for people who work shifts they will pay for a full week and can then use me to care for their child as much as they like. the reason a full week will need to be paid for is because child minders have a low limit of the amount of children they can take so by paying for the whole week the place is then open only to you and your child.
    I will start work at whatever time I am needed and am registyering for over nightcare also-not all child minders do this so might be worth asking around x
    hope this helps slightly.
  • i have recently been for an interview for another job but they will not be as flexible as my current employer meaning i would need childcare 2 days/nights out of 7 which can be any day/night for more than 12 hours at a time and an early start, from what i have researched nurserys in my area only work half 7 until 6, childminders are more flexible with start and finish times and are more lenient with delays x
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