delayed baby blues?

Hi just wondered if anyone else suffered from delayed baby blues. I have been really down the last few weeks, lethargic and generally fed up but over the last few days i can feel my mood lifting and begining to feel like me again. I happened to look at my old diary when i had first and i suffered the same then.

I sailed through the first 16 weeks then felt rubbish and then by 20 weeks felt fine. Just wondered if anyone else had a similiar experience



  • Can hit anytime friend's last lot never really hit til bub was 6 months. I also found out from a gp who specialises in PND that even after you have recovered from the initial bout, it's not unusual to experience mild relapses for anything up to 2 yrs!!!
  • I've been feel exactly the same recently so am glad to hear i'm not alone..thought it may have been a post christmas thing but realised I didn't really feel like myself the week before christmas too, when the weeks before that I had been baking and wrapping and being overly excited! Stanley is 19 weeks now and for the past few weeks I've just felt like its all too much hard work, and have just felt sort of distant from him if that makes sense. I felt fine before and would tell anyone that would listen (lol) how much I was enjoying it and coldn't work out whats changed, But wierdly since monday I have been feeling more like normal so maybe its a common 16 to 20 week thing!! (as Stanley is 20 weeks on saturday!)..xx
  • Loubeelou Stanley is the best name and he really suits him looking at your pucture-what a cutie. Our lo's middle name is Stanley-what good taste!x
  • Hey,

    Don't worry, I felt like this too until lo was around 7months old. All ok now though. Just didn't understand why I was so down but think that hormones are still all over the place for a while.
  • Thanks for your replies, its nice to know that im not alone, think i am begining to feel better, hormones have a lot to answer for!

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