Baby Walker

Hi hopefully someone can help me with this.

I've noticed alot of walker say they are for ages 6months+. I was just wondering if anyone has used them before there baby was 6 months?? as the ones the baby sits in looks similar (apart from baby bening able to wheel about) to activity stations and there for 4 months+.



  • Hi, my friend just gave me a walker, cameron is 5.5months and has been using it for a week or so. he loves it. obviously he cant move it yet...except for rolling backwards slightly. haha! his feet touch the floor so i hink its safe for him to use. the seat is only like a door bouncer seat which are suitable from 4 months
  • We used Poppys from about 5 months too and she loved it! It has an activity tray on the front which would keep her occupied for ages! When you use them, their feet should always be able to touch the floor, if they can't then you should wait until they do. As soon as we started to put Poppy in hers, she could roll it backwards then after a month or so, she was all round the lounge in it!!
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