reusable nappy questions

hello ladies

i have started using theses now and must say i love them!

i seem to have a heavy wetter at night and he needs changing at 4am (nappy is on from 6pm after bath) it is waking him up as he is soaked through just as it did with the dispoasbles, i have ordered some night boosters to try and i'm waiting for them to arrive, does anyone else have this problem, i am almost sure he would sleep through if he wasnt wet through.

also when going out, if you need to change LO what do you do with the dirty nappy, i would usually bin the disposables but i dont really want to carry it around all day if i am out?


  • I have a stinky minky bag - think that is what it is called! for putting the wet nappies in when I am out. If you look at some of the online shops for selling nappies they sell the bags there.

    I don't use mine at night because Lily is such a heavey wetter but I did consider getting a different make of nappy (I use bum genius) as I read some are better for night.

  • what nappies are you using at night piggypops?
  • I'd love to know what the best reusables for night are too - we used to change our boy at the dreamfeed at around 10.30pm but he'd cry his eyes out and he'd be wet through by 6am anyway so I gave up and use disposables at night now as they last from 7 - 7. I was using pop ins with two booster pads. I also tried lollipop bamboo with an outer wrap but still no joy. : (
  • thankx jellypinkfish i will have a peek at those!

    mrs setters we currently have bumgenuis and bamboo pop ins
  • We have a few wet bags for out and about. Not had any problems with them yet. I have a few ones that came with nappies but also got a large monkeyfoot one and its lovely-matches the mini one I got with cheeky wipes!
    We use the bamboo pop ins with the dri-night booster too and find they can be very hit and miss_some nights he'll go 12 hours no bother, others he's wet by 1-2am. A friend also uses these and has said the same, she'd get a leak every few days. Have you washed them plenty of times pp? I was told they take about 10 washes to reach max absorbancy.
  • a friend had kindly lent me some to try so they are well washed, although i will rememer this for when my new ones arrive x
  • We use a tots bot bamboo one with an extra bamboo booster and a Motherease wrap. It's on from after her bath about 7pm through till about 7am. It is well soaked when it comes off but doesn't leak through the wrap.
    Also when we are out I just put the dirty nappy in a nornal nappy bag and put it under the pram.

  • The bamboo in particular may just need more washing to 'prep' them fully, they need around 10-12 washes to hit full absorbency.

    The bumgenius, I would add extra stuffing. A hemp insert would be brilliant, place it 'under' the microfibre ones it came with (farthest away from his bum) - hemp holds a LOT of liquid but it doesn't 'grab' it very fast, so if you combine it with something quick-grab (microfibre, bamboo) it makes for a perfect combo. Microfibre alone can sometimes have liquid squeezed out under pressure because it holds it in the spaces between the fibre, not absorbed into the fibre itself, if that makes sense, Press on it and reduce those spaces and out comes the wee, he may be feeling that when he is lying in one position for a long time.

    With the pop ins, might be worth adding a stay dry feel liner. Fleece (buy them or just chop up a cheap fleece blanket!) works well but I really love Minkee liners, they keep DS' bum lovely and dry and comfy. Weenotions sell them in various sizes, or try ebay.
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