Help me name our puppy!

TOTALLY off topic but need some inspiration!

We got our new puppy today, she is a tricolour cavalier king charles, mostly black and white. We are struggling to find a name we all agre on (me, hubby, and my 8 year old step daughter).

Some ideas I have had so far....


Suggestions very welcome!


  • I just think she should be called miss bust like you wrote under her pic on fb! Lol she's gorgeous btw!
  • I've always loved lady as in lady and the tramp. I like poppy image
  • Lady for a king Charles, perfect x
  • we have a luci, rosie and a walter!!!!
  • Aw can you post a pic on here?! I grew up with these gorgeous dogs,,,lady is a great name.

    Moonbean - Walter that's brilliant! I love that for a dog!

    We have Betty and Marlie, a border and cairn terrier/terrorist
  • I think Bambi is sweet as it means little girl. Also like Lady.

    would love to see a pic!!! xxxxxxx
  • I like Bambi too!

    Think its out of my hands now anyway as my step daughter has her heart set on Miley (she is a massive Hannah Montana fan). I just hope the Miley Cyrus hype dies down as I don't really want people forever asking if she is called after her!

    Mybutler I would post a piccy but I have no idea how to!
  • lol i love it too mrs butler its so funny calling him when out, have to say i think betty is pretty fab too i love wee old cool names lol xx

    missusbee if it mskes you feel better i have a friend who called her first daughter hannah and the 2nd miley ( nothin to do wit hthe show just liked the names - she too hopes for the hype to die down lol)
  • Do you want me to post pic for you holly? She's too gorgeous not to show off! Lol
  • Yes please! Can you save the image off facebook then post it?

    Some more contenders...


    missusb's gorgeous new puppy

    if your step-daughter is set on miley could you not give the puppy a 'full' name? like my cat at my mum's is called master calico kitten jr (sad i know! lol) but you could call her lady miley buist or something that way you don't have to always should for miley? lol
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!
  • i was going to do that juniemummy lol x
  • Great name - like the woman from that James Bond film too! She is adorable, she'll be great mates with your LO's.

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