Want to become a midwife, can anyone give any advise?

Hi guys, dont know if anyone can help me. I really want to be a midwife but I cant seem to get any useful infomation as to where i get started. Has anyone else looked into this?
Would be really gratefull of any advice.

Louise xxxx


  • I would think the best port of call would be the royal college of midwives www.rcm.org.uk. Or research the colleges / universities who offer midwifry as a course and get in touch with their admin department for details of the courses they offer and the requirements needed to enroll. With the midwife shortage and the the pressure on the NHS to improve maternity services nationally it certainly seems like a good career path to choose not to mention how rewarding a job you'd have at the end of it.
    Good Luck
    Jo x
  • Hi im from pregnancy but saw your post on login page!
    if you go onto the UCAS website they have all the uni's that offer midwifery and all the info about requirements etc. Midwifery is a degree level course either lasting for 4 years or 18 months if you are already a registered nurse. good luck
    lou 34+0
  • Hi Louise i have recntly applied to Northampton University to study midwifery (well applied through UCAS) The normal degree is 3 years which is about half practical and half theory. You obviously either need formal gcse's a'levels or equivalent (sp?) or an access course.

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks ladies, i will have a look and will let you know how i get on xxx
  • Well Ive had a look on the ucas website and you need at least 2 gcse a's which I never got. Not sure what to do now image xx
  • could you not re-do your gcses at college/night school or home learning...? bloody hard work to study with kids around i know!
  • Hi louise, I didn't get very good gcse's either so i'm now about to start an online distance learning access to midwifery course and hopefully apply to university for next years intake, I did apply for the midwifery course a couple of years ago but didn't make it. They like you to have done some sort of studying in the last 5 years, I haven't that's why i'm doing the access course xx

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  • Thanks NicPink, do you have the website or anything that i can get some information from? xxx
  • Hi louise, The website is www.distancelearningcentre.com
    This is this only distance learing centre that I could find that does access courses, I wanted to do one at my local college but I'd have nobody to look after my boys so an online course is best for me. The only thing is, it costs ??40 a month to do but it does tell you about grants on their website. They've given me the name of my tutor and a start date of the 18th feb and I can't wait to start it! Let me know how you get on, would be nice if you did the course then i'd have someone to chat to about it!xx
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