What do you love....

Most about your baby?

I love everything about Brooke as she is so gorgeous, but my most favourite things are:

1. Listening to her cooing, I fed her at 4.00am this morning, and she went back into her cot, and we were listening to her cooing to herself on the monitor, and it made us both smile.

2. Her smiling when we sing/speak to her (and after she has been sick over me) image

3. When she's sleeping she looks ever so cute, as she sleeps with her hands up beside her head. We love watching her sleep as she looks ever so cute and peaceful.

4. Her eyelashes (as she has fab long eyelashes, my hubby said she won't need any XXL Mascara), and everybody comments on them.

Septembermama :\)


  • i love evies gorgeous smile 1st thing in the morning, it makes getting up at 5.40am worth it,

    also love that even when she has a good cry and i cant comfort her as soon as her big bro walks through the door her face lights up
  • I love Theo's cooing and gurgling and the way he giggles when you blow raspberries on his tummy. I love the way he smiles when you kiss him and talk to him and I love some of the funny ways he looks at you. He has this one expression that is just so damn cute! He does it when he's tired, he just stares at you with his eyes open really wide and blinks really really slowly. And I love it when he falls asleep on me and is all cuddly and warm.
  • The last week Gabe (6.5 months) has started feeding himself finger food and it's sooo damn cute watching him munching away!

    I love his giggle, it's such a proper little chuckle. I'm grateful when I get one out of him as OH can do it straight away lol.

    I love watching him sleep, and like Brooke he has his arms up by his head...he has always done it but sometimes sleeps with them straight out too like a starfish.

    I love Gabe's eyes - my eyes are big with long lashes (but brown) and OH has blue eyes so the lucky bugger has got huge baby blues!! I can't go anywhere without a comment on them, and I just well up with pride - I'm so sad

  • 1. I love the fact he's so happy and full of smiles all the time..his smiles make me and hubby happy.
    2. His big blue eyes I've always wanted a blue eyed boy and I got one.
    3. how the simplest of things make him happy today I was washing up and he was giggling away. Like it was the funnist thing he'd ever seen.
    4. the fact that he just looks so cute but then I guess I would say that!image xx
  • I love how cameron likes to play with and stroke mummy and daddys faces.

    i love how he sighs just as he's falling asleep.

    i love how he's so happy when he puts his own dummy in that he smiles so much it falls back out!!

    i love the way his toungue sticks out between his gums when he smiles!

    i love it when he buries his head in my neck when he sees the baby in the mirror!!

    there are too many other things, i could be here all day!

  • I love the way Ollie always loves me even if i've had to be bad mummy with meds/inhalers again,
    the way he gives me a big cheeky grin first thing in the morning (even if it does say you've got a great big poo to deal with)
    the fact that he can be so low and a week later seem to have bounced back so fast
    the fact that he's ticklish....
    the fact that he is the spitting image of his dad apart from his big blue eyes that are like mine, and copies everything else he does too :lol:
    the way he loves everyone and gives them all a massive smile
    the way he can charm anyone with his smile and coy looks (just like his dad)

    That he's all mine! :lol:

    As for the next one, I Love the fact that its a girl!!!! image

  • I love the way she shouts 'mummmmy' at the top of her voice when I pick her up from the childminders and is so pleased to see me!
    I love watching her take the dogs biscuits out of his bowl one by one and force them into his mouth!
    The way she shouts 'hiya' to anyone that looks at her when we're out!
    The funny way she tries to run (but can't yet!) to her daddy when he comes home from work!
    The big kisses and hugs she gives when you ask for them.
    Just the fact that she is my perfect little munchkin!!
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