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does your routine completely go to pot during teething?!

Hi ladies,

DD is 6.5 mths old and until this week was really well settled into a great routine (she sort of found it herself rather than me dictating it to her - aside from a bit of sleep training last month) and is not happy if we ever deviate from it.

Anyway she's got at least 2 teeth trying to make an appearance (I can see them just below the skin) so the poor little mite is miserable. Her routine has basically gone out of the window which is fine as she's really suffering so have just been doing whatever it takes to make her happy but just wanted some reassurance that this is normal and I'll be able to steer her back on track once these blasted teeth arrive....?

If I'm honest I'm panicking a bit as I go back to work in 2 weeks...

Please someone say its all going to be ok!


  • yes everything will be fine! when my ds got his first tooth it was hell for about a week, routine out the window etc, then once the tooth had broken the surface i eased him back into his normal routine, he also hates change, and we stick to a fairly definitive routine especially at night. the first tooth was the worst by far, the others wernt to bad, until his top front two came, at the same time, which was when we were on holiday so ds was totally miserable and hated the holiday (also hated the change of scenery and sleeping arrangement) but thankfully after about a week, we got back to normal! dont worry, your lo will get back to normal once the tooth/teeth come through!

    ashy xx
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