Snow day!!! A new pic on last page...

Our local and surrounding train stations are closed due to the snow so my dh has got a 'snow day' at home! It doesn't look too deep here but roads were really bad to drive on when we were driving home yesterday late afternoon.

Hoping for more snow so we can go out and play............


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  • We have loads of snow, haven't seen this much for ages! My dh was supposed to be going from London to Cardiff today, but I don't think he can even get into London.

    Now I'm just wondering if I can possibly go for a walk in the snow- I don't think either the sling or the pushchair will be suitable!
  • we havi it to,and its snowing again now woohoo!!!

    kerry xxx
  • My oh has set off for the train station to go into manchester, i cant even get on national rail website to see if our trains are running. i dont like the idea of him being on a train when the weathers so bad!! hope theyre cancelled so he can come home.
    i was supposed to be driving to work for a visit today with cameron but we're staying at home....pjyama day i think!! x
  • hey we have 4 inches in kent according to hubby. still gone to work image Hes a student but still has to go to placement so told hiim to use main roads.
    although lo is little might just have to dress her up to take 1 photo!!
  • We have plenty but not so much to stop oh going into work-maybe he just wants to get away?!
    View from our kitchen-I love snow pictures!

  • I'm in North Hampshire and there's lots here!

    I'm the same as you, Poz - want to take Lily to baby rhyme time at the library but not sure which is the least dangerous way to do it - pushchair or carrier :\?
  • don't think i'd be able to get a pushchair through the snow here, depends on how much you've got i guess!!
  • I'm so jealous. We dont have any here. We never get it as I live by the sea. Not fair! lol

    PTB - I would go by pushchair
  • Pushchair it is, thank you ladies :\) It's still falling quite thickly here so I suppose the only way I can keep the snow off her is by putting the raincover on, anyway.

    Ooh, wish someone would bundle me up and push me about to look at all the lovely scenery image
  • Hi

    We live near Swansea in South Wales, and it is snowing here, I was showing Brooke the snow through the window.

    Sassaboo where in South Wales do you live?

  • We've got about 3 inches and it is still coming down!! Oh has gone to work, took a while but he got there ok, speed it's coming down now though I think he might have to come home early. We have no food as I was going shopping this morning so I am going to put my two in the pushchair when Barney wakes up and walk to the butchers. Millie is fascinated, all she has said this morning is "snow!", "more snow" and "snow everywhere" :lol:
  • we got 3 inches too !! oh come home couldnt get to work so we gonna go make a snowman in bit you should never waste a photo opportunity!

    oh and my oh reckons its at least 5 inches lol they always add few inches lol
  • i hoping that we get to hosptal for faith U S i think might get a taxi
  • Hi Sassaboo

    Yes I know Carmarthen, we pass through every 2 weeks 2 visit my husbands parents who live by Aberstywyth (sp), that b nice 2 meet one day. It still snowing here. Yes I had my baby girl in September.

  • hate the snow!!!!
    had about 4 inches and it is still coming down quite heavy...its mad, people have abandoned their cars all over the place. Had to walk down the massive hill with pushchair this morning to take Madi to school and now they have phoned to say they are closing the school anyway so am gonna have to do it all again soon grrrrrrrrrrr
  • Oh we have about 3 inshes in South Bucks at the mo. All the kids are out throwing snowballs and sledging - I soooo want to go out with Skye but think it's a bit too slippy...I want to go sledging too!!!

    Hubby went to work at 6.30 to make sure he could get in but I don't think he'll get back later tonight. A night alone with the Skye for me it is then!
    Iz & Skye x
  • Charlotte keeps crawling over to the patio doors then points outside and keeps shouting "Dah, Dah, Dah"! It's so cute.
    I'm glad I haven't got to drive anywhere in the next couple of days. Charlotte was due to have her MMR tomorrow afternoon but fortunately been able to postpone it for couple of weeks as her cold lingering on.
    Would like to take her out in pushchair as can walk to a park from our house but not sure if pushchair could make it in the snow?
  • my pushchair did ok in the snow earlier but there is more snow on the ground now so will have to see how we do when going to school in a min!!! xxx
  • had to go to the shop, we've got about 7inches here and the pushchair did not make it!!!
    luckily Jake is old enough to walk but gets tired quickly which is why i took it but i ended up abandoning it at the end of the road (i left it in my friend's garden!) and grabbed it on the way back.
    i've never seen snow like this, not that i remember anyway but the boys didn't want to play out for very long image
  • I've taken my Phil and ted's double out without too much problem. Bloody hard work pushing it through the snow though!! Not being able to see any of the curbs was fun too :lol: Fingers crossed it is still here tomorrow when oh is off work, Millie is desperate to have a proper play but I can't really because of Barney.xx
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