Present ideas for 1st Birthday

Charlotte will be 1 year old on 26th March and i'm a bit stumped as to what to get her. Money is a bit tight so we dont want anything too expensive, or big as space is at a premium in our house.

I had thought i'd get her the bounce & spin zebra but her balance is still not great so probably wouldnt work, then I thought about getting her first doll but at 1 year old will she like something like that ?

She's already getting books and clothes from family memebers.

Any ideas anyone ???


  • we've got ds the little people racing ramps garage, he'll be one on the 21st, he's also getting the vtech vsmile telly thing...but we got that as a bargain in belgium (was half the price it was here)

    and here is an email baby centre sent me... it says that now is actually a perfect time to introduce a doll

    hth xx
  • We are getting Toby a trike! Its normally ??89 but on offer in ELC at the moment for ??74.
    We are also getting him a keyboard from ELC for ??35.

    From family... we have asked for clothes (1yrs +) and also books. We've also asked for a small paddling pool 'cum' ball pool and some wooden blocks with the alphabet on. All very reasonably priced gifts but just what we'd like Tobes to have!

    HTH xxx
  • my LO is only 9 weeks old but i've already bought her 1st birthday present! lol

    i've bought her the bounce and spin zebra as not only is it on offer in the tesco baby event at the min, but also my aunts and friends who had it for their LOs said it was good for helping with balance if they weren't so good (just a point they made so maybe still worth considering?)

    but if i hadn't got her that i would've got a small paddling pool and some of those plastic balls i think as they last for ages and my 7 year old step-bros still love theirs even now! lol
  • Thanks for suggestions. Charlotte already has a ball pool and she does love it, mostly loves emptying the balls out one by one !! LOL

    Jemmykins, thats intetersting about the balance on the bounce and spin.

    Joo, I did consider a trike of some sort actually, I figure the weather should hopefully be getting warmer.

    Wow baby, looks like the doll could be a good idea then !
  • Hi

    I would definitely go for the doll my neice loves hers and the trike is also another good one, i use our around the house and he loves it.

  • swing for the garden? sand/water pit? x
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