Can anyone reccommend a parent facing lie flat pushchair??

Morning ladies,

Due to my, err, little problem we are already the proud owners of 2 pushchairs and DD is only 4 and a bit months old.

We have the obligatory all singing all dancing travel system (Quinny Buzz - obviously sucked into the 1st time parent trap, what a bloody waste of money), and a Phil and Teds Sport that I bought off a friend cheaply that has been fab for holidays and off-roading.

Was worried that I'd have to wait until I genuinely needed a stroller before I could convince hubby to let me buy another one but, hurrah, realised yesterday that my mum 'needs' a puschair for when she has LO (2 days a week when I go back to work).

So the brief is:
- parent facing
- can be laid completely flat for naps (not just a bucket seat that tilts she likes to be laid properly flat)
- needs to be roomy as DD is already a big girl
- height adjustable handle
- decent sized shopping basket
- doesn't really matter about size/weight but sturdy looking wins - mum is a bit old fashioned like that

The 2 that seem to fit the bill are a couple off the Emmaljunga website and maybe the Babystyle Lux - any ideas/reviews???


ps - will be buying off ebay so brand new models aren't ideal


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