Any late crawlers out there?


My dd is almost 11 months and not crawling or cruising. I'm not worried by this, as I know it's normal and she seems fine in terms of development - she can support her weight well when held, uses both legs equally etc etc., I am also enjoying the calm before the storm lol!

I know that she may not ever crawl and just walk instead, which is what I did at 14 months.

She is showing SOME signs of wanting to crawl (she tips forward onto her hands and knees from sitting but then just falls flat on her face and kind of glides along the floor!), and she is obviously getting frustrated that she is not on the move yet.

She doesn't even try to pull herself up onto furniture, although if I hold her hands she does pull herself up.

I was just wondering whether any of your LOs started crawling at 11 months or later? Or should I just expect that she will skip crawling and walk?

Any tips to encourage crawling or cruising? (I've tried putting something out of her reach but she just gets cross and cries!).

Just want to know what to expect really! I am just struggling to see how she will ever get on the move!


  • My son was 11 months yesterday and up until about 2 weeks ago he was doing exactly the same as your daughter, then all of a sudden he sussed out the crawling one day without any help from me and from that in 2 weeks he's pulling up on everything, furniture, people, other babies and cruising round the furniture. My frustrated baby is back to being my content baby again, even if he does spend half the time squeling so i'll hold his hands so he can walk to the next peice of furniture.

    As you say, enjoy the calm before the storm because it may all come as quick as it did for my lo!

    Good luck!

  • My LO is nearly 12 months and he completely bypassed crawling and went from bum-shuffling to walking!
  • G/C My daughter was a bum shuffler, and she started crawling at 11 months, then left walking until 18 months. She was such a content little baby that she was happy just to sit where she was image xx
  • fizzylizzy I was like you never crawled. mum says I just used to sit and put my hands otu when I wanted things, then eventually stood up and walked
  • My son commando crawled for *ages* before he even thought of crawling at 11.5 months. Then he got really good at crawling so couldn't be bothered to walk until 17 months, although he cruised happily from about a year. Now he alternates between walking and crawling, whichever gets him where he wants to be the fastest - usually in the opposite direction that I want him to go! :lol:

    I don't know that there is anything that you can do to help them get on the move any faster than they want or need to. They will all do it in their own sweet time. Just keep encouraging her to be active and she will get there eventually.
  • My LO is 10.5 months and sounds at about the same stage as your LO, he does try and almost suceed pulling himself up onto furniture but needs some help. I thought he'd go straight to walking but now showing signs that he may start to crawl any day.....we'll see!
  • Hi all

    Thanks so much for your replies. I went to the HV today as hadn't got LO weighed for ages and I happened to ask whether not crawling by now was normal (which I know it is, so don't know why I asked!). BIG mistake - lovely lady and trying to help , BUT she said she would ask a colleague about whether she thought physio was needed to strengthen her bottom half as her top half was obviously stronger. WTF?! Wish I'd never gone near the place and just got the reassurance from you lovely girls.

    Health visitors = grrrrr.

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