Whichlightweight buggy?


I am lookin for a lightweight buggy for my 10 month old. I want it to fold quite small but still want the footmuff etc and to be comfy. I have a quinny at the moment and its too big to be lugging around now. Any ideas?


Hayey and Jake xx


  • Hey hun,
    I have recently bought a mothercare xoob


    It is light weight, easy to fold up and folds up small, Seth is happy in it and will fall asleep in it, lays flat back, has a shopping basket underneath and a rain cover included (although not the best)
    I only wanted it for popping to the shops etc as my Jane pushchair is so big! Does the trick for me, and its cheap too.
    Hope that helps
  • I have the petite star zia and I love it! Not sure if you can get a footmuff to fit - never looked into it but its so lightweight and folds up really well. I wish I had had it with Tyler too.

  • Hi!
    We have a Maclaren Quest and I love it. Dylan is 9 months too and has been in it from approx 4 months. It is really lightweight, folds up small and can fit in tiny car boots. Footmuff is so fleecy and warm and you can also buy super luxury furry ones (quite expensive but they look lovely and warm especially for winter). Lots of different colour combinations and I honestly think it will last him until he no longer needs a buggy. Not particularly cheap but as it will last its a good investment.

    Also has a strap on the back which you can use to carry on your shoulder (for carrying up stairs/on public transport) which is handy.

    Hope it helps
    Jo x
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