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Was thinking about getting one of these for my 3 month old baby but just wondered about the pros and cons as have seen very mixed reviews, including ones which have recounted stories of babies toppling out of them. Do you have one of these - if so what do you think of it? Is it worth ??30 and how long did you use it for?

Cheers x


  • Hi SecretMama,

    my little one is 14 weeks and we've just got one for her as well. We've been using it a little bit everyday and to be honest she seems to love it! I don't leave her alone in it as she's so little but does she seems perfectly secure it in . I think it was a great buy!

    Hope that helps x
  • Hi,
    Got one for our lo at 4 months and he loved it for a few weeks and now at 6 months arches his back and tries to get out of it. So it was good but we didn't get much use out of it for ??30 odd quid. If I'd know I think I probably wouldn't have spent the money.
    So maybe see if any friends who have one to try it out or get one second hand incase you don't get full use.
    Oh did use it for a little while at the start of weaning before we had a highchair and it was good. Also the tray is good for popping toys on etc.
    Worth a trial definetly (sp???? brain not on today!!)
    hth x
  • oops - forgot to say - that we got ours secondhand as Mum to 1 suggested.. ebay's a great place for them? x
  • Hello,

    Got my 19 week old son one last week, from Kiddicare (27.99 I think!). If he's having a little tantrum and starts arching his back, it's a no go, however it's really useful for when he just wants to sit and watch what I'm up to - which is all the time these days!

    I've just started weaning him and it's also good for that, particularly if I take him to my mum's as a Bumbo is much smaller than taking my highchair.
  • my cousin has just leant us hers, JJ is 17 weeks tomorrow and to be honest after having this little test run of it we definately wouldnt buy one of our own, i dont think he looks very comfortable in it! x


  • I've had 4 months use out of mine and still use it everyday! xx
  • Sometimes Louise likes her but not always. But a friend uses her all the time with her lo. It seems some babies love them but others dont and it's difficult to tell before trying it out!

    For me ??30 would have been a waste of money but I paid ??10 for it on ebay and collected it so no postage. It took me a couple of weeks of watching ebay for one local enough to collect in good condition at the right price.
  • This is Tommy in his when we got it - he was 3 months old at the time. I dont think I would have paid ??30 for one, we got ours 2nd hand from an NCT sale - it might be worth you looking to see if theres one in your area soon. I know in our area they seem to be every 3 months.

    We take it to my dads when we go and stay there - its easier than transporting the high chair and we used it when we first started weaning him. Tommy seemed to like seeing things from a different angle when we first got it - he wasnt flat on his back all the time and could sit and watch what was going on.


  • hi i tried out my friends. still found that lo looked slumped in it so wasn;t giving the best back support. he was however excited about being in it without being held.
  • I paid ??16 for my one on ebay. Tyler twisted out of it the second time we put him in it but my mates baby loves hers - she sits and plays in it and feeds in it. Could u tr LO in a friends one first maybe? xx
  • we have a princelionheart bebepod. my mil got it for ??3 from a charity shop. wouldnt of paid ??30 for it. its handy when theyre about 4.5-6 months id say. cameron is now 29 weeks and can sit on his own so dont put him in it now but it was handy for starting to wean. ours used to live in the bathroom too so he could sit in it when i had a shower.
    they are handy for that in between stage when they are getting a bit big for their bouncey chair but not sitting up alone.
    dont leave your lo unattended tho as cameron twisted himself out of his and ended up face down on the floor!!
  • Hello!!
    We borrowed my sisters... will have to give it back later in the year as she's due in May!! lol

    Lillith seems to like it-but not for long! But it does get longer everytime she's in it!


    This should be her in it!!
  • hehe, nobody put baby in the corner...love that bib!!
  • I wouldn't be without mine. Mia absolutely loves it. She looks so grown up when sitting in it, bless! xxxx


  • My lo hates his, I would def try one out if you can get hold of one.

    Mine can get his feet flat on the ground and push himself out of it!
  • Thanks for the replies and the photos they were great image really cute babies! I don't do ebay but am wondering whether I should - just had a look on there and some are as little as 99p! Am looking for a Jumperoo too so it might be worth registering with ebay as they're very expensive brand new.

    Why does everything for babies cost so much?! My dh couldn't believe the price of Jumperoo's new - they do seem very overpriced, especially when only used for a few months and/or lo might not like it. I know most babies seem to like these and probably get a lot of use but still - ??90! image

    Thanks also for the tips on the NCT sales - we've been to one of these already but now the lo is here we'll definitely be going along to more!

    x x x
  • Think bumbos are expensive and some LO's just wont take to them.

    Have posted this pic on one of the other threads but thought Id join the bumbo photo gallery.


    Hope this is the right one.

    Beck n Zacky

    Zacky was about 4 months here I think.

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  • Hey,
    We got lo's Jumperoo on Amazon for ??67.50-thanks to someone on here and I'm sure some people have got it even cheaper. We could never have afford ??90 either. My oh says if it's for weddings or babies the price goes up by ??100!! Anyway hope you and you lo get a Bumbo and Jumperoo at a decent price and enjoy it! xx
  • I wanna join the bumbo club!!! We have borrowed on from SIL. She has really good head control so has been in it a few times, she is 12 weeks. Thanks for all the tips about ebay just found one nearby for ??15 - its blue but im sure she wont mind!

    Here is a pic of her in SILs bumbo

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