I'm so annoyed!!!

Yesterday my OH was meant to put the cot up (we have a lo who is 5 weeks old but 65cm long and 11lb+ now so hes rapidly outgrowing the moses basket!) Anyway, he moved the wardrobe to make way for the cot and as he was moving it, it broke!! It only needed a few brackets to fix so today him & his dad fixed it up and got the clothes rail which had broken back in there. So, they get the cot out of the box, and it is BROKEN, the wood is split in loads of places!! (I know we seem so unorganised, not having the cot up yet but its due to a serious lack of space.) Anyway, it has got to go back obviously but not sure mothercare will have it back as I was still pregnant when we bought it (and I went overdue too, so it was well over 7 weeks ago.) I'm just so pissed off now as is my poor oh, now the room looks like a rubbish tip!!!!!


  • O poor you. How damn annoying hon.

    I don't know a lot of info about these things.... but as far as I am aware you can take the product back 'within reasonable time' if the goods aren't fit for purpose.... and it clearly isn't fit and is faulty!

    I have had problems with a faulty Isofix from Mothercare, and they weren't having it at first, but I perservered and they changed it.....

    On the plus side........... you get to gaze as Gabe longer, rather than him be in his cot ( am I clutchng at straws here??!!

    Get on the phone and tell them you need it changing ( and take some photo's )

    Good Luck hon
    Sam x
  • Oh, the cot was going in our room anyway...we have a serious lack of space as I said!

    Well I called them, didnt think the number would still be open but it was, and they are sending a new one and collecting the broke on on Wednesday, so that's not too bad at all!
  • That's very good! At least you only have to wait 2 days!!

    Told you I was clutching at straws!!!!
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