stretch marks...i hope you all have lots!

well sorry i have lots so i wish them upon everyone else too now! No, really i am covered everywhere, including down there...well as a result i am just too embarrased to go back to the salon i used to get my bikini line waxed at and i want to wax myself at home (dont know why as i'll never ever wear a bikini again), is it ok to wax over stretch mark infested areas though or will it be too damaged and sensitive?


  • I have thousands so dont worry, I'm very embarrassed that my oh's mum has no stretchmarks she is 45 and had 4 children, I am 20 and have 1....oh dear....
    I would presume its safe to use the wax but dont use it if the area is too sensitive cos I find stretchmarks can be quite sore sometimes.
  • oh i only have a few.......THOUSAND! i noticed today that they are started to fade tho so im not too bothered, although i do hate them! bet yours ent as bad as mine!!! xxx
  • I thought I had managed to get through pregnancy with no stretch marks until I had my lo - then I saw that I had millions down the side of my stomach - they have mostly faded now so not too bothered about them it is my boobs that have not managed to come out of pregnancy and breastfeeding very well! X
  • i have loads from having my 3 yr old but luckily didnt get anymore when had my new addition.I have been using bio oil and they do seem to be fading.The outcome is worth it tho isnt it,lol x
  • yeah i suppose it joke of cousre it is! my oh has stretch marks whtas his excuse???? xxx
  • I'm someone to hate then....only got 1 the day b4 Gracie was born, just above my belly button which looks like a small pox scar now. That's 3 babies worth of stretching and I swear by Revlon mousturiser but know it's prob just my skin type. Wish i didn't have an orange peel backside tho! lol
  • I have them all round my belly button in a circle and also down the inside of my legs!!! I don't mind my belly but my legs really bother me. Dunno how I will have the guts to go swimming again!
  • i have them everywhere, i though id got away with it til i got to 32 weeks then they started to appear. :roll: they have faded loads though since! was it only me, but i went into hospital to have my daughter and seem to come out with more. i shaved down there before i went in hospital and when i came out they was even there too. im sure they were caused by pushing the head out!!! lol :lol:
    I blamed my mum cos they say if your mum got them you are normally more likely to :lol:
    Caz x x
  • i thought i was lucky getting to 40 wks without any stretch marks apart from a couple on my legs, but the buggers appearred EVERYWHERE within the week i went overdue and i got even more once i had my lo, on my hips and then lots on my boobs...i assume that was from breastfeeding. my sister has had 4 kids one after the other...crazy i know...she has no stretch marks and a really flat/tonned tummy...its so not fair!! hoping they will fade in time though x
  • I got them at 30wks now I look like my tummy has been clawed by a tiger!!!! Oh loves them and says if I didn't have them we wouldn't have our beautiful lil girl!x
  • pushing the head out...yes maybe thats why i've got them there, but as with you nicx&lucas its my legs that bug me the most really but i saw on telly yesterday there's a cover up product that's like a foundation for legs...the summers answer to tights, will have a look for it and see what it is...
    my oh lately has got a few too, i laughed when i saw them as they're on his hips too so they match a couple of mine lol! god knows how he got them...
    well i may just give waxing a go anyway and see what happens...oh really getting fed up with the jungle lol (sorry if tmi!) they're not as deep there as on the rest of me anyway, and neither are my legs actually so maybe a bit of sunshine and fresh air will fade my legs...and i'm so glad you all have them, and Alioli, i'm sending stretchy wishes to you and hope you get them too thenyou can really join in the moaning lol xxx
  • oh thats soooo mushy heehee, ignore me i'm only jealous, my oh doesn't have a way with words haha! i have them everywhere, they were there before los arrival and i thought they were bad, boy was i wrong........ they were awful once belly deflated, and to top it off theyre even on my arms grrrr. no idea about sensitivity though just thought id let you feel better about knowing theres another stretchmarked mum here lol
  • The more the merrier! x
  • Hiya I thought I'd got away with no stretchmarks, too! I rubbed baby oil on my belly everyday throuighout my pregnancy, and no stretchmarks, then as soon as LO turned up and my bump went, all the stretchmarks started to appear! Quite lucky they're only on my belly
  • Sorry to say did not get any!
    Only had a small bump though so maybe that's why??!!
    lo was only 5lb 14oz when born so guess I got lucky - this time!
  • alioli and ccbmommy i think i speak for everyone when i say we hate you!!!!! lol so not fair!!!! he he! image
  • i think id win if there was a "whos got the worst stretchmarks" contest :cry:
    i put on 4.5 stone when preg with lo so i definately did alot of stretching!! i have deep red ones all over me (up my back, on my arms, belly, hips, legs, boobs, thighs..even my lady bits!! imageopsimage I have been using bio oil since preg and they are not going away. im thinking of going to the docs about them but i doubt they will do anything. they are so deep, they are like dents!!! :\(:cry:
  • My daughter is 7.5 months old and they only just started to fade. They start at my waist line, go to below my calfs and are right round to my back. They are all thick, deep dents and used to be bright red. I didn't start to get them till I was 28weeks ish. Its only me and my cousin that suffered from stretch marks so I don't believe in the whole 'it runs in the family' I used every cream, lotion, potion and oil on the market and it made no difference for me. At least my oh says I'm still sexy. The thing that suprised me the most was I didn't get any on my boobs and they grew the most, I went up 3 bust sizes but the time I finished bf!!!
  • Emilie im exactly this same i feel like a Zebra they are so bad on my stomach there isnt a cm that doesnt have a stretchmark i thought i was the only I met a girl on sundauy past who had a newborn baby with her and she was wearinga short vest top and her strechmarks were as bad as mine although she must be proud of them. Im so embarrassed by mine dont no what i will do on hols. I too used bio oil but it made no difference
  • was just lookin at this pic (last belly pic!!) and they seem so much worse now than they did there, and they are pretty bad there :cry:
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