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Hi mummies
Theo is being a little monkey during the day. He's not too bad at night, wakes once or twice for his dummy but his naps in the day are just awful! He falls asleep on the morning school run for maybe an hour, depending on how long we're out but he wakes up about 10 minutes after we get in and still seems tired. Should I maybe try and move him from his buggy into his crib? Also whenever I put him down for a nap during the day he wakes up after 30 minutes to an hour and an hour later is tired again! I just feel like the whole day is a constant cycle of unsuccesful naps. Am I trying to make him sleep too much? I only put him down when he is yawning and generally whingy, not wanting to play or feed or do anything. When I put him down he usually goes straight off to sleep but like I said, is awake again after 30 minutes! What can I do? I think if he had 2 good 2 hour naps during the day he'd so much happier.. at the moment he just seems constantly tired.


  • hmmm glad im not the only one lol millie is 12 weeks and she use to nap really well in the day! now shes a nightmare! if she takes her naps she is fine and happy all day if not then she just moans! shes only been having an hour in morning and then i take her out for a walk in afternoon and she use to always sleep now shes wide awake lol. if she does nap most the time its for about 10 mins!! cant moan about her at night as shes an angel! im hoping she will get better as she gets older!
  • how old is he?
    cameron has gradually gone from having 3 hours in total in the day to having half an hour in a morning, and hour or so in the afternoon and 20 mins in the evening (no later than 5 as he goes to bed at 7). he slept much more when he was younger, now he's 5 1/2 months!
    how much does he sleep at night? he should be having 12-15 hours between day and night slepps....i think! dont quote me on that though
  • he probably has about 11 hours at night. Theo is 3 months old.
  • i am aving the same problem with Braedon, he sleeps straight through from 7pm-7am and wakes up happy...then from 8.30am he is getting more and more tired, and like you Carly, I jst spend the whole day trying to get him to sleep. He gets really angry when he's tired, it sometimes takes half hr to restrain his wrestling and get him off to sleep, and its soul-destroying when 15-30 mins later he's awake again - and still tired!!!!!
    Would love to know if anyone else has any tips on this xxxxxx
  • I know what you mean about the wrestling. Theo will be going off to sleep and then will suddenly start thrashing around until he wakes himself up again. He gets really angry if I swaddle him too.
  • what is it it about?!?! Braedon does my head in - however i hold him, whatever i do jst makes him cry andthrash about...i have to hold him firmly and walk quickly round and round the house till he relaxes! the thing we do for these babies!!! funnily enough, i never have to do that at bedtime, he just nods right off in the evening!
  • i only have problem in day its like they dont want to miss anything!! thing i find works best is i sleep with her lol ( only works in morning as i dont really want to nap anyother time lol) i just lay her in my arms when shes tired and stroke her between her eyes she always closes her eyes doesnt always last much more then 45 mins asleep though! xx
  • Lol I just tried that with Theo and he just laughed at me! He's in his swinger at the moment, he is soooo tired but too busy taking all his anger out on the bears hanging off it to go to sleep. Not too bad a night last night, he woke at 4 and had a whole bottle and then went back off till 7 when he started grunting around a bit so sneaked in and gave him his dummy and he went back off till 8! Shame I had to get up 7 to do the school run or I could of had a nice lie in.
  • Hi,I find it helps to put my lo down for his naps in his cot as though I would do for his night time sleep. He has two naps a day (1-2 hours each) at more or less the same time everyday and I put him in his sleeping bag and have his room completely dark & which I think helps with his quality & length of sleep. It took a while for this to work but have been consistent and it's really paid off as he's now 14 months and still having these great sleeps. Good luck x
  • millie is nappying!! her 2nd nap 2day yey! shes on her playmat!
  • glad i'm not the only one with this problem!!Maiya get sooo tired in the day and every nap (unless in the car or out in pram) is a battle. every day feels like groundhog day at the minute!! i have to calm her in my arms when she gets tired and then place her down.she'll only go on sofa though!!she HATES the cot in the day but goes down like a lamb at night - although still waking at around 4ish for a full feed. grrrrrrrrr!! she will be 15 weeks on sunday image)

    she's asleep on the sofa now.ssshhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Luckily Archie isn't too bad at napping in the day. He has about 30-45mins in the morn when he's been up for about 1.5hrs after his 1st morning bottle (long enough for me to shower etc) Then at lunchtime I'm pretty good at going for a long walk and he can easily sleep up to 3hrs if I stay out long eough. then he normally sleeps from at about 4.30 for a wee while. The problem is he could easily sleep for hrs but he goes to bed at 7.30 and sometimes I have to wake him to get him in the bath. (breaking the golden rule of never wake a a sleeping baby!) Mind you I still have to try and get him to have daytime naps in the bedroom. Will have to soon as he's getting too long for moses basket already and can't take cot into living room with me. S x
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