OT Just for fun...

...what made you choose the name you use for this baby forum?

I don't post on here very often however this question just popped into my head and I thought I would ask as it may prove to be an interesting topic.

As I am a huge fan of chocolate and anything sweet, I wanted my username to reflect this, although im more of a Galaxy gal, when you hear aerobubbles it makes you think of chocolate.

How about you?



  • someone once said my hubby reminded them of shrek (he looks nothing like him I might add lol) we then named our house Shrekingham Palace, and we became the Shrekhams soon after
  • I used to be pixie bob but am now p.bob for short. Pixie bob is my hubbies nickname for me as I'm small and have a bob! Xx

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  • My old cat Coco!
  • i was a big fan of the boy band Busted when i was younger and i LOVED James Bourne (still think he's gorgeous)...so i live in the hope one day i'll be Mrs J Bourne officially...until then i just have to pretend lol x
  • I'm a historian, I am female (although girlhood seems to be rapidly disappearing into my past) and I live in Leeds, hence the Alan Bennett reference.
  • My mum always said she wished she had given me a middle name of Pia...and my husband plays in a football team and they call him Higsy as our surname is Higham. God thats so random, why i thought of that as my username i dont know haha.
  • g/c as I'm impatiently lurking in baby at 40+4! Well mine's quite obvious my name's Gemma, but lots of friends call me Gemgems. I lived at a house number 13 for years, and hubby's birthday is a 13th so I like the number.
  • my name is Alice so ive used wonderlandgirl for a user name for a while x
  • mine was moonbean as my wee bean was waiting for me on the moon lol (i first joined in lttc), thankfully he is now with me and well worth the wait xx
  • me and hubby like csi!! we had calleigh on our girls name list.
  • Well my name is Samantha (always hated that), I was always called Sam or Sammy, but when it was more Sam I made up a little rhyme (I was only about 7) about my name being Sam which rhymes with ham, but that's funny because I don't like ham, but I love jam. Something like that, haha.
    But now I'm more known as Sammy...
    So... SammyHam!
  • Calleigh i always thought you really were a Calleigh lol..

    Mine is simple as im a Laura and i like the number41....when i first started needing internet usernames etc i was about 14 and i happened to fancy the driver of the 41 bus i got home from school most days (the shame lol) and so Lauz41 was born and i've used it since as i like it...im never actaully called Lauz though.

  • lol i like user names to be real names as i find them easier to remember!

    i think it would be weird for me to name a child calleigh now though, so it's off the list...
  • I thought Calleigh was a Calleigh too! :lol:

    Mine is very random, my name can't be abbreviated and i never had a nickname when i was younger. So my friend decided to try and think of one for me, my maiden name is very similar to the beginning of Ladybird and my friend decided to change to to La**dybird. Totally random and very childlike! :lol:

    Sorry if that's confusing but it's hard to explain without putting my name on here! haha x
  • Calleigh you're a master of disguise - she's just trying to confuse you girls so you can never find her in the real world. Ha ha only joking.....

    I changed my username as I get a bit paranoid and my new one is what I call LO when he gets gurney. I used to be chubs, because that's what my DH affectionately (what a charmer) calls me. I am also chubby so he's not that far off the mark.....
  • I was so convinced that Calleigh was Calleigh!!

    My username is so boring - don't know what I was thinking. My husband is always teasing me about having no creativity when it comes to things like this and he is right!!
  • Mine's not a very unique reason, it's simply that Vautier is my middle name and no-one else is likely to have it.
  • Good post. My sisters nickname's Kay and I'm her sis hence me being kays sis
  • my name is beccie and cause i suffer from ME i am so tired all the time so hense the sleepy. its a username i have used for years.
  • Mine is my YAYW username as well. I bought some beautiful duchess satin covered peeptoe Louboutin shoes for the big day and they were sitting in the shoebox on my living room floor on the day I registered on that site. I was ecstatic as I have horrible flat 'pioneer' feet (I'm from NZ and from good farming stock) and I never thought for a minute such beautiful shoes would fit me or make my feet and ankles look so elegant so now I use the username for everything!

    Having gained a shoe size since pregnancy (and a few clothes sizes too, ahem) those gorgeous peeptoes won't be gracing my feet again image
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