Getting 13.5 month old to fall asleep by himself...HELP


I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to get my little boy to fall asleep in his own cot? Up until he was 1 he had been the perfect sleeper - always put down for the naps and bedtime awake and self settled (without tears) in about 20 mins at most. However for the last 4 weeks he has absolutely screamed as we are about to put him in the cot......tried putting him in and he just gets so upset and we have now taken to letting him fall asleep on our bed or if that fails we go out in the car!! I know this cant go on and want my little perfect sleeper back but really need any help or suggestions.

Thanks x

Also in toddler.


  • Hi Michelle,

    Not sure if I can be
    Much help, but we've gone through something similar and ds is only 6 months. We started controlled crying about a month ago. We would check on him every 10 mins and it took around an hour for him to settle. After around 3 weeks we've had a break through, it only takes 30 mins and it's just on/off crying. We normally only have to pop up twice. We did start going down the route of laying him on our bed and letting him nod off, but I realised we were just making another rod for our backs. We now don't allow ourselves to pick him up, just stroke his face etc. We've also made sure he has a favourite toy in his cot so he often falls asleep playing for his naps.

    Not sure why your lo has taken this step back, could he be under the weather or has anything changed in his world recently?

    Hope I helped a little.
  • evie went through this phase when she dropped her bedtime bottle, we used to let her fall asleep on our bed with us but after 2 months of this we decided enough was enough.
    we did the cc and within 4 days she was going to sleep on her own
    it is hard, i sat outside her bedroom listening to her breaking her heart crying but you have to be strong
    i bought a fisherprice lullaby cd which we put on in her room as soon as she goes in her cot and i think this helps to relax her and calm her down

    once you start the routine you must stick to it as giving in and picking them up just sends mixed messages.
    the first night evie screamed for half an hour and finally went to sleep. the next night was 15 mins, next night was 5 then the last night was 3 and then from then on she just accepted i wasnt going to go to her and bedtime meant bedtime
    it was harsh but by god it worked!
    now she says bo bo's and i carry her up, lay her down put her music on and she waves bye bye to me and we get a good couple of hours alone which is awesome!
    good luck you will get there xxxxxx
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