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I was just wondering how you were and if you are still expressing? Am I right in thinking you have started to wean your LO?

I am still expressing the majority of Niamh's feeds. She ends up having one or 2 formula feeds in a week so not doing to bad! Every day I say I am going to stop but I am still pumping away.

Big Hugs
Catherine and Niamh x


  • Hi there!

    Yes, my LO is now 6 months old and I'm still expressing all of his feeds. I moved to 4 sessions a day about a month ago and then to 3 sessions last week, as I'm still getting more than he needs. We started weaning about 3 weeks ago, so he's dropped his intake down to about 30oz.

    That's great news about you, Niamh must be around 4 months now? You've done so well, I remember you being really put off by being told you have to pump so frequently in the beginning.

    I must admit it's been quite addictive for me! I never thought I'd still be doing it at 6 months but can't see me stopping anytime soon. My supply is yet to settle with 3 sessions a day but if I'm still getting too much, I'll go to 2 sessions a day and just keep dwindling down.

    Lovely to hear from you and I'm so pleased you've managed to keep it up for so long. I hope you are proud of yourself, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be a pumping mummy xx
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