Dropping night feeds

The boys will be 6 months old on 5th April (now 23 + 4)

Due to all their problems with milk it has always been tricky to get milk into them. They have 5oz bottles and rarely finish them so I have been reluctant to stop feeding them during the night. However, they are currently taking 5oz bottles (sometimes they refuse a whole bottle, sometimes they drink the lot) 7 times a day (including 2 at night!) Now they are being weaned they are cutting down their milk, but they are cutting it down during the day.

Is it possible to 'force' them to lose the night feeds or should I wait for them to stop themselves? I think they are waking out of habit as they will often take 1oz at 2am and go back to sleep. They dont really want it. Last night I fed Alfie at 10pm (he didnt take any of his 6.30pm bedtime bottle). He woke again at 2am and I refused to feed him as I knew he wasnt hungry. I swaddled him as he is clawing at the excema on his face at the moment, and left him whinging (not crying) till he went to sleep. If I keep doing this, will he eventually stop wking for that feed? I dont mind feeding them both at 11pm ish so I know they dont need the 2am one??

Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 23 + 4


  • try replacing the milk with water at first honey, they won't like it but after a few nights should get the message that milk isn't an option and they should then stop the waking for milk

    however saying that, my ds still woke once or twice a night until he was 9months - and he will still wake in middle of night (sometimes) at 2/12 and ask for juice. Some babes just don't want to sleep the whole night through - unfortunatley!!!
  • Its not sleeping the night im really bothered about. I dont mind getting up to them if thats what they want. However, they have now stopped drinking the bottle im offering, or just taking an oz, so I know they dont want it. If they were taking 3-4oz then I wouldnt think twice about keeping it. Its also affecting their daytime milk as they still feed every 3 hrs and always seem to be hungry! However, they are not taking much of a bottle in the day if they have woken and taken a bottle at night.

    Also, they can end up waking eachother which is making them grotty in the day.

    Thanks for the reply hun xxx
  • Hiya, my lo is only 10 weeks old, so not sure if I can help much. She was waking at 5am every morning without fail, and only taking 2oz. The next morning when she woke, I didn't jump immediately to feed her, as she wasn't crying, more stirring. I found that she settled herself back off to sleep after a short period of time. The next morning she did the same, and she hasn't woken for it since. I also found that it affected her day time feeds only taking the 2oz at 5am.

    If you think the boys don't need it, you could see if they'll self settle without, or if they have dummies, try offering this? I think this may be a case of mummy knows best xx
  • Ive had 2 kids already, ive just had my third and ive encouraged both my older kids to drop their night feeds. My oldest, i used to give him water then just settled him with a dummy. My other one was about 9 weeks and after i gave him a full feed he threw the lot up and settled for the night so the next night i gave him a dummy (which he didnt normally have) and rocked him for about 15 mins and he went back to sleep, the next night took 5 mins then he didnt wake up after that.

    With the new baby, he still isnt settled into a routine so once he is i will do the same with him

    Gemm x
  • ok go with it Luke is now on 3 solid meals a day he is nearly 7 months old and for the last 2 night have not fed him in the night, we he woke up I just gave him his comforter and put some music on he went back to sleep.

    I still do a dreamfeed about 9.30pm and the next feed is about 7.15 I think it was habit with him as well.

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