FAO: TigerLily re: Eczema

Hi there,

I saw in one of your posts that your lo has eczema - We've just discovered Oliver (3months 2 weeks) has this on his wrists, ankles and behind his legs -the doctor says it's a mild case and I was wondering what you do to help treat your lo?



  • Hi, my los is quite bad. I was prescribed diprobase cream and oilatum to put in his bath. However even though it is fragrance free etc, baths seem to dry his skin out more, so we're sticking to once or twice a week from now on. Gabe has it on his inside of elbows, wrists, tummy and back. It seems to be getting a bit worse so going to go back to GP for steroid cream, has your GP prescribed anything for him? Its horrible to see them itching etc isnt itx
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