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Morning Girls!

Jaimi-Lee has a cold image

Her nose is blocked and she sounds all stuffy. She is a bit unsettled as she cant take dummy as she cant breathe and also feeding her her bottle was a nightmare this morning and she was choking. She keeps sneezing too. Me and hubby haven't been well for past few days so think shes picked it up image
Is there anything i can give her? Im thinking maybe only Vicks Vapour Rub?? Also, i have sat her in her bouncer for a sleep rather than in her pram as i thought maybe sitting up with help clear her nose, will that work? I know with myself that when i sit up my nose clears.

Wish there was more i can do for her image
Sharon xx


  • Hi
    You could try saline nasal drops, i found they really helped with my little one. you have to put one drop up each nostril about half an hour before she is due for a feed.

  • snuffle babe worked well for Emily when se got a cold and nasal drops. hope she gets better soon. x
  • Will i get these out of Lloyds chemist?
    Thanks Girls xxx
  • Evie woke like this this morning and i've got one of those plug ins with the vapour rub stuff in to try as i dont like giving her to much medicine whilst shes so small, but then again i dont like her to suffer arrgghhh being a mum can be tough. xxxx
  • hey,

    definately agree with the saline nosedrops - you can get them from a chemist. Also agree with snuffle babe though we use boots own - it's a vapour rub suitable from 3 months. If you can raise one end of her cot while she sleeps it will help - napping in her chair is a great idea.
    You could try making the bathroom really steamy and take her in there.

    Hope she's feeling better soon

  • got ours from boots but im sure lloyds chemist will have some.
  • Hope she's feeling better. Archie is just getting over his cold and we used snufflebabe and nasal drops. I also raised the end of his mattress a bit and this all seemed to make him a bit better. S x
  • Ooh what a pain. Harry's had a blocked nose for ages. The saline drops are fantastic as it just pours out after a while and gets rid of loads of gunk. Also Calpol do a plug in vapour thing which is a GODSEND. Coupled with propping up the moses basket or cot, Harry would've had probably twice the sleep that he would've without it.

  • Will the snuffle babe stuff be ok considering its for 3months + and shes only 5 weeks? I could just rub a tiny little bit in eh?

  • ive not tried saline drops but i have used baby vapour rub and that worked well, they had a selection in boots for all different ages. hope shes better soon image xx
  • oh poor jami- lee! evie has had the snuffles for 2 weeks, the docs prescribed her saline drops which we give her 4x a day. evie is fine during the day its at night when she lies on her back and it all collects and she struggles to breath. we have propped up the end of her cot so she is not lying flat. the HV said to sit with her in the bathroom while the shower is on for 15 mins as the steam will help to clear the congestion. i also found an advert in the bounty newborn mag for baby nose clear room vapour, its from i put 4 drops into a bowl of hot water and leave it by the cot, its the only thing you can use from birth as everything else is from 3 months. it has definately helped evie to drift off to sleep and her snuffles have been loads better. it was about ??8 incl P&P, worth a look on their website.
    hugs to you and jaimi- leexxxx

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  • i use saline drops for archie as he was prem and has small/narrowed tubes So hes always snuffly. ive also started using snuffle baby from tesco, its a baby safe vapo rub ONLY FOR 3+ MONTHS THO!!
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