worrying about tomorrow - *UPDATE*

well some of you may remember that Molly had dropped 4 centiles since birth and i had to take her back in 2 weeks to get weighed to make sure she isn't dropping anymore.....well that is tomorrow morning!! eek!

I'm not worried about her, as she sleeps well, feeds often, lots of wet and dirty nappies and she looks well. I just think she was too big to start with (10lbs 14ozs). She is now on the 50th centile and i think that is perfect. She is fully breastfed and i don't want to give her formula because she gets everything from my milk. I don't want to bulk her up just because she isn't following the hv stupid charts!!! My son was bf for 11 months and he is perfectly healthy and never went through the baby fat stage. Grrrr, it's just making me worry over nothing.

Does anyone know what will be suggested if she doesn't stick to a stupid line? She is putting on weight but apparently not enough.....?

She isn't reading for weaning yet as she is only 15 weeks.

Thanks for reading x



Well i had her weighed today at the clinic this morning and she has only put on 4ozs in 2 weeks! She weighs 12lbs 12.5ozs at 15 weeks. She is now just below the 50th centile line. I don't understand it!!!!! She feeds well and i seem to have enough milk, i just feel like such a crap mummy, like i am starving her or something!? :cry: The HV is just so rubbish no words of advise, oh except i should eat more calories, i tried to convince her she was just long and skinny (which she isn't skinny, she has a lovely spongy tummy! :lol: ) like my son and had to practically beg her to check her height! She is 63cm long so on the 91st centile, she was 53cm at birth so she is following the height line perfectly, GRRRRRRR! I'm just sooooooo fed up of it all!!!!! I have to go back in 2 weeks as the doctor wasn't free to check her and she is having jabs then anyway and then i don't think i will take her back for awhile!!!

Can anyone offer any advice on how to add calories to my breastmilk or any other words of wisdom?

*sigh* :\?

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  • My hv has just been and Faye is starting to drop down the graph apparently, although she has put 3.5 oz since last wk and has gone from 8lb 8 to 8lb 11.5, she is also fully breastfed. She will be 9 wks tomorrow. She is measuring average for her length and head. I did suggest that perhaps she will be long and skinny as I'm tall and she said it was a possibility

    I also asked her if she hadn't been weighed today and she had put 6oz on a wk tm at baby clinic would she be concerned and she said not!!! I've to take her back next Weds to be re-weighed and in the meantime I've to make dietary changes and eat more calories. She wants a weight gain around 4oz next wk.... She mentioned formula as well, but after my battle through the side effects of a ventouse/forceps delivery there isn't a hope in hell of me doing that when she isn't losing weight
  • My son is the same, he was on the 91st centile and now heading for the 50th, I have to go back in 2 weeks.

    You don't have to do anything the HV advises honey. Stick to your guns. As long as she is gaining and not losing weight, then that's fine

    Weaning wouldn't help her gain weight anyway - in fact it would make things worse as breastmilk or formula is fattier than baby food like fruit purees, veg etc. Gabe's weight really dropped when we started weaning
  • I'm quite cross actually and I really like our HV!!! I asked why the graphs were so important when she could see Faye was alert and bright, she saw her feed and then saw her cuddle up for a sleep, she is having wet and dirty nappies.....

    She said the lines are needed to keep an eye on them. There were times only a few wks ago that I thought I was going to die and I carried on feeding despite being so poorly after her birth, there is no way I can stop now and I dont understand why a 3oz weight gain in 6 days isn't enough????

    Sorry for hi-jacking your thread el_pinko!!

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  • Oh no I can understand you being annoyed. My HV is obsessed with the 'charts', but she makes no sense at all - Gabe was born on the 91st line (9lb 1) and when he followed this line she said he was putting on too much and "when will he stop growing" said sarcastically. Then he DOES start dropping ( now on 60th line) and she's concerned! Cant win!!

    I think Faye's weight gain sounds fine as long as she isn't losing. Even if you changed to formula you wouldn't necessarily notice a difference, some babies are just slow gainers...there are a few babies on here that gain slowly but are FF.
  • Thanks girls, good to know i'm not the only one. Will let you know how we get on tomorrow. Will give her a 2 boob feed before we go! :lol:
  • If she feeds well, has plenty of wet nappies and is happy then you don't need to do anything different. Both of my two dropped from their birth centiles down to the 25th centile by about 16 weeks. The charts in the red books are based on the weights of 1950's american FORMULA fed babies, babies that are exclusively bfed tend to grow very differently. Try not to worry, I'm sure you are doing a fantastic job and she is just destined not to be a fat baby!
  • Aw hun, these stupid charts hey?! Looking at Molly's photo's she's perfect so i'm sure you've absolutley no need to worry.

    I'm one to talk like. I'm worrying that i'm not enough for Lucy so have introduced a second bottle of formula (on hv advice).
  • i now how you feel sending hugs try not to worry you are doing your best
    carrie faith
  • they told me full cream milk, but their advice could have killed him as he is protein intolerant lol.
    as long as shes gaining weight i wouldnt worry your a great mum and have 2 happy kids. shell probably have a massive growth spurt in a few weeks and gain 2lb in a week or something silly, david slowed right down for a while then all of a sudden put on 15oz in a week
  • Aww hugs! your doing great hun like everyones said shes gaining not loosing weight so thats a good sign,
  • Hun,

    Molly looks perfect to me and she is obviously going to be the same as Zach, long and thin!!

    If she is feeding well and seems contented I wouldn't worry too much, you know Amber lost weight, she has only today started to creep back up to the 25th centile, she was on the 9th, she is very long too, 3-6 bottoms are a bit short on her! She is just skinny but healthy - what is the problem in that?? Do they want us all to have huge babies and then complain we over feed them, you can never win!!

    You are doing a fab job, do not let them make you feel shity!! xxx
  • Don't let them make you feel like a bad mummy, Your baby is happy and healthy and looks just gorgeous. Like bedhead has said bf babies grow very differently to formula fed babies and in my experience of having had 4 children they all grow differently anyway. All this crap about them doubling their birthweight by 6 months is stupid, my 2nd child weighed 10lb 12oz at birth and in my opinion would have looked a little ridiculous if she had weighed 22lb at 6 months, I would probably have been moaned at for having an obese baby then, she went down to the 25th centile at one point, her weight gain was so slow she weighed less at her 6 week check than she did at birth, she never gained more than 3-4oz at most in a week and now she is a happy healthy 9 year old. I obviously just grow them very well inside then they slow down when theyre born, apart from Isaac who did everything by the book and he was my 4th so I wouldnt have worried if he didnt.
  • Thanks for your replies!

    Yeah bedhead the charts are sooo outdated! It says breast from birth on my chart is that still based on formula fed babies?

    Thanks for letting me know Ruby's weight gain Zoey, it has reassured me hun.

    I'm sorry your going through similar Laura and hope you don't have to completely give up bf cos you seem to really enjoy it.

    I hope your right Sando and she has a growth spurt soon!

    Yeah Amy she is happy and contented and seems full up after feeds so going to try and not worry! I didn't realise Amber had dropped weight, has the weaning helped?

    The hv is small and dumpy she is probably just jealous :lol:

    You have all made me feel so much better, hugs! xxx
  • When are hv's going to realise that all babies are individuals!!!!!!

    Like you say shes probably just jealous!!!

    Hilary x
  • Hey hope you're ok!!

    Faye had her 8 wk baby check this morning, I mentioned her feeding to our GP. He told us she has bypassed the 'fat baby trend' they seem to be seeing more of and that she is going to be a slim child as long as she doesn't lose any weight or maintains he doesn't have any problems with her putting on 3oz and no more.

    I spoke to La Leche League last night, have you tried them? the lady I spoke to (they're all mothers speaking from their own homes) was really helpful, she suggested I offer both breasts at each feed, feed more frequently if necessary waking her to offer milk.

    Try not to worry, it's hard though isn't it? xxx
  • She is doing lots better thanks, has finally come back up to the 25th line from the 9th. I have been weaning her for around 2 weeks and she loves her food and is now taking more milk too so very happy about her weight gain.

    She is 18 weeks on Fri and is 13lb 12 so I think she si doing well, a lot of people say how dainty she is or tiny but I just take it as a compliment as in she is not a fat baby lol!

    Molly looks fine and I am sure she is, try not to worry too much babe xx
  • Aww try not to worry about her mate, Molly looks the picture of health, with a lovely colour and really alert looking - and you know in your heart how contented she is.

    I think it is hard breastfeeding as you're never 100% sure how much they're taking but she would surely let you know if she was hungry.

    You probably do anyway, but just try to make sure you are drinking plenty yourself, and not getting too tired out (easier said than done obviously running after Zach as well!) and stressed.

    Remember you're the best mom in the world in Zach and Molly's eyes, ignore the charts if you feel she is happy and healthy

    Clare & Harry xx
  • aw thanls girls! Feeling loads better today, i hate when your made to doubt yourself!!!

    That is good to know MrsT, oh never heard of La Leche, am thinking of getting in touch with the local breastfeeding support group.

    Amy, Amber sounds like she is a lot like Molly and who can complain about being tall and slim! Molly is 12lbs 12.5 ozs at 15 weeks so she seems about right, phew!

    Thank you Clare for your kind words! I know myself i haven't wanted to take on the extra calories but hubby is going to "fatten" me up now :lol:

    Well Molly took a good feed last night at 7pm and was up in her cot by 7:30pm and she is STILL asleep!!!! So does that sound like a hungry, ill fed baby to you???? NO! Plus my boobs are MASSIVE so lovely and full of milk! I am actually going to have to wake the 2 of them soon cos we have Zach's 2's group this morning. I haven't been up before the 2 of them ever!

    It is always good to get words of support on here, thanks again!!! xxx
  • hi my 4th baby was 9lb 4oz..this was on the 60th centile. By 3 months he was on the 25th and stayed there. He is still there now at age 3! I think I just fed him well in the womb and that he was bigger than he should have been. There was also a q over diabetes with me even tho this came back negative when i did the glucose test.

    My 5th was tiny born at 5lb 7 oz and is now at 10 months on the minus 4th centile. she is fully weaned tho still breast fed. She is healthy, happy and tho not sleeping through yet. I know when I go on Sunday for an appnt I will get a hard time. she is small, with a small appetite adn I will stand my ground. Apparantly there is a chart for BF babies that is totally different to the normal centile chart. I would not worry. Sounds like she has dropped to her range and so long as she stays around there and doesnt lose stacks of weight then I really would not worry.

    good luck

    ps as for xtra calories in breastmilk...load of rubbish!!!!! tell them to give you sheet of advice if they think its possible.
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