anything good on telly tonight...i'm bored...and on my own as oh out, i'm wallowing in boredom eating cold curry out the saucepan to save me havin to do more washing sad am i!? xx


  • cold curry..???? hunthings cant be that bad! im watching this film called thirteenth ghost on fiver, or there is always bb? is that a footie kit i see harry in? xx
  • actually it dont taste bad...i'm in a veeeeeerrrrry lazy mood...just couldnt be bothered to reheat it as then i'll have more washing up to do...sick of washing up! i've only gone and resorted to BB...i think it really could be that desperate! and yes, Harry is a little gooner (daddys choice not mine...if it were me he'd be donning a cute tottenham kit but oh said he'd burn it if i did!) xxx
  • oh no kayleyanharry we are sworn enemies! my oh is chelsea supporter! xxx
  • lol, truth be told i'm not too bothered but was easily bribed to be a tottenham fan by an uncle who brought me lots of xx
  • ha ha! harri doesnt have a chelsea kit yet but does have a little england
  • i was going to buy one...then decided to wait till next year, they're hardly doing great this year are they lol!
  • not realy no lol i didnt buy it as you cant prob gueess my oh
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