The Best Disposable Nappy? (Also in BIJ)

Just wondered what nappies all you ladies are using. I don't really want to go down the cloth nappy route, and have had Flynn in Pampers since birth.
Unfortunately he has grown so fast that he now has about 136 nappies (including 2 unopened large packs! D'oh) that he's already grown out of, and I was thinking of changes brands anyway, since Pampers has been letting so many parents down with their new design nappies. I also find that Pampers don't fit his body shape that well to be honest.
I have tried Baby Naturecare and was quite impressed, and have had experience with lots of nappies due to my job, but would like to hear recommendations from other Mummies who use them more regularly.
Can anyone recommend a really good disposable nappy? Cost isn't really too much of a factor.


  • We are currently using pampers, but looking to change possibly to huggies. He does wear huggies super dry during the night which seem to be better that the pampers ones. I find that pampers do smell aswell even when i've just changed him whereas the huggies don't seem to and they also seem to be a better quality nappy.
  • We've got on best with Pampers as well. I tried Huggies and Boots own brand but both have leaked after particularly explosive poos. I think one of the supermarket own brands is supposed to be like Pampers, but not sure which
  • I have tried most of them. Pampers were fab when lo was a newborn but don't use them anymore. Huggies I found tend to leak.
    I currently use asda's own make nappies and they are fantastic!! Tesco ones are also good.
  • For me its either ASDA's little angels or Tesco Baby Essentials. I have found that Pampers need changing more regularly on both my toddler (23mths) and my 5 week old. I quite liked them to begin with my first was born but when I tried others I realised how bad they were!IMO the only decent ones Pampers do are the little walkers/pull ups which I've had a few packs of as had money off vouchers for them/freebies we are very slowly learning to use the toilet with my toddler. Huggies are OK but for me the price just doesn't justify when you buying for two its a costly business- have just spent about ??25 on nappies for a month and that's Tesco nappies goodness knows how much I'd spend if it were Huggies/Pampers!x
  • Tescos Baby Essentials are marvellous. Pampers go weird when wet, they turn to gel and are huge, i'm not a fan at all. Huggies are good, and you can generally get them cheap with good offers at Tesco, but I'm hugely impressed with Tesco Baby Essentials. LO moves around loads in his sleep and we've had major leakage issues, but so far, they've been fab!!

  • We use Pampers during the day and Tesco Essentials at night as we found the Pampers ones leaked overnight.

    However, once we've used up all the remaining Pampers that we've got lying around, we're going to change to the Tesco ones permanantly as they are brilliant (and so much cheaper than branded nappies).
  • I use Bum genius but do use disposable at night and when we go out for the day. I love sainsburys ones.

  • Tesco nappies are fab, and we have started using their equivalent of Pamper Active Fit recently for our very active boy - also great!

    But I have to say the best disposables we have used are Aldi's Mamia ones. Some of my "friends" have been quite snobby about them until I gave them some to try and have also been converted
  • I think pampers have a really funny smell even before they on LO.

    I dont mind huggies but a bit expensive again. I personally love tesco and asda little angels. Never leaked! unlike pampers. I think it is just what suits your child too.
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