Need To Offload!

Hi Im feeling quite low at the moment and sometimes just writing everything down helps...
I had abit of a rough time whilst pregnant,spilt with my babies dad,we have a very strained relationship now and i cant see it changing,Ive excepted that and just want to do what is best for Benjamin.
I was in another relationship for 6/7 months,but recently that has ended too.
I wanted abit more from the relationship,by that i simply meant spending more time together and doing more on the weekends,wht would really be a normal naural step,not one that required thinking about!!
He said he needed to think about if that was what he wanted!?!?
We got into an agruement about it and now i feel its the end of things!
the thing is i just feel so low,have lost touch with alot of friends and this adds to it all.
I cant drive and live in a small village so limited to what i can do,though thinking of looking into some groups i can take ben to and hopefully meet other mums ect...will be good for ben also.
Some days the only person i see and talk to is my mum,some days no one!it cant go on.


  • Hi sugar, sorry to hear youre so down! As for the relationship, i don't think what you asked of his is unreasonable at all, it's a shame he's said he can't commit more. I think sometimes when you have kids you find who your real friends are, i certainly have, some of my mates have drifted away obviously thinking im boring now as i can't go out clubbing etc. Hopefully like me you'll have found who your best mates are, it's better to have just one brilliant mate than a lot of unreliable ones isnt it? Being a mummy can be lonely, i think babygroups are a great idea hun. I hope there are some good ones in your area.

    If you do end up going to some babygroups, if you make friends try and arrange some baby-free shoping trips or what have you? I'm so grateful for the babygroups i used to go to as i regularly go on "girls nights out" with some local mums.

    I think you should pamper yourself, buy your fave wine/choccys, face masks and nice bath things and treat yourself image

    big hugs XX
  • aww hun ((((((hugs))))) men are funny creatures thats all i can say on the relationship thing and it sounds like he has issues with commitment?? dont they all!! ..sorry man rant there image

    i think getting out to groups and meeting other mums with kids is a good idea im sure there will be something in the closest town (i am right in thinking we have spoken as i lived close to u for a few years and my family still do?)if u like my sister works in a nursery and can find out some mum and toddler groups and let me know for u ?
    if i lived closer we could get our boys together for a play ..

    we could do a meet when im next over visiting my sister if u fancy it

    hope ure ok ..keep ure chin up

    lisa,jack and sophia xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • aw hun, it can be lonley being a mummy, i lost touch with all my old friends when i met the ex,
    i go to a group once a week where the little ones can play and i can have"GROWN UP" conversation,lol its nice to get out the house image
    and im always bothering someone on facebook,lol

    i agree about treating yourself!!! i do every week! face pack, soak in the bath,choccies n wine (mmmm, im lookin forward to weekend now!)

    hope u find some good groups hun.
    and im sure mr right will come along soon image
  • Thankyou all!nice to hear some kind and
    reassuring words!
    Lisa- your right we did talk and yeah i do live near were you used to,if your sister could find out were i can take Ben once a week or whatever that would be great,something i need to do i think,and probably should of done alot sooner,just being shy has prevented me..
    Think he does have some issues and i suppose im better out of it to find someone who really cares and who hopefully one day can be a proper little family with,all i want!
    Take care everyone and thanks x
  • ok hun im on the case .... image im sure mr right is out there (usually middle name is always :lol: :lol: )and one day u will have the family unit u want but for now concentrate on ureself and ben and by getting out the house and meeting others this will help u and ure confidence ...sometimes i find being a mummy we forget our own identity and self confidence takes a knock..... ill get back to u asap with some info xxxxxxxx
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