Day naps advice..

HI ladies.

Just after a little bit of advice....

my baby daughter is 8 weeks old and from 2 weeks we have had a bedtime routine, bath at 6.30pm pj's on and a bottle in her room which had black out blinds so it's very dark... the first week was hell! putting her in her cot after her bottle she screamed and screamed and i nearly gave up with trying to have a routine but i decided to percevere as routine is REALLY important to me.. and after the first week she settled into it perfectly and since then i put her down awake and she goes to sleep with no fuss, it's great! she wakes 3 hourly through the night every night but i dont mind that..

We have a morning routine, which consists of me making the beds while she's still in her cot, then i get her dressed and tidy her room (bottles and nappies are everywhere after the night feeds!!) then we have a bottle downstairs, then she'll sit in her swinging chair while i wash/sterilise and make up her bottles & clean the kitchen, after she's been up for about 1.5 hrs, she'll fall asleep in her swinging chair but only for about 15-30 mins, which enables me to get dressed..

but other than that we have no day routine or scheduled naps at all she just naps as and when, in her pram, car seat, whereever we are, mainly cuz when your out and about and doing different things how can you put her down to nap at a certain time etc...?

today were not going out so i decided to try and put her in her cot for a day nap, as i know she gets tired between 12 and 3ish and will some days nap for a couple of hrs in her swinging chair, pram or carseat..
i put her down at 12 after a bottle her room is still light and bright i havent closed the blinds, she's cried on and off for about 20 minutes, not constantly, but she'll cry, ill give her dummy and she'll settle down again, then cry so ill go back and give her her dummy... she's just now gone off to sleep (it's 12.35) so in about 30 minutes she's gone off on her own.

but my question is, should i keep day naps different from night time? should i be leaving the blinds open in the day etc...

Michelle & Phoebe 8+2


  • Hi

    I did the baby whisperer routine and basically at 8 weeks, maximum awake time is 1hr 15mins, so to prevent overtiredness and therefore taking ages to settle i would tend to put down at at 1hr 10mins. Its difficult for me to advise on if the room should be light or dark because at that age i had him sleeping in the living room for naps so if was light. However since about 7months i put him in his cot with the curtains closed. i would probably say that if your bedtime rountine works well, and it sounds like it does, youll be fine to put him in a dark room. As i think it helps them cut off from the stimulation of the room.

    HTH X
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