Little madam...........!

Good morning!

On saturday night I decided not to give lo a bath as her skin is so dry I thought it might help. Not giving her a bath left a big gap in our routine and she ended up feeding earlier and not looking so tired at bedtime. We tried putting her in her cot at 8pm - she's usually in bed by then - and a few minutes later she cried. I went up and she looked wide awake and very happy, as I was watching xfactor, I picked her up and brought her back downstairs, gave her another feed and she fell asleep. She woke a little when I moved her and we put her to bed again, no trouble this time.

So.....last night, gave her a bath, fed her, put her to bed. She cried, I went in and got a lovely huge cute grin and giggle. She doesn't normally need her dummy to settle at night but I gave her her dummy, another kiss, and left the room. Afew inutes later she cried again - I went back in, got a cheeky grin andd giggle, gave her dummy and stroked her head - she seemed tired when I stroked her head so left the room. A few minutes later she cried again, I walked up the stairs talking to my dh and she stopped crying just at the sound of my voice, I gave her her dummy (after getting yet another smile) and left her after telling her that I wasn't a happy mummy now! lol. She cried yet again, this time we left her until it reached an unbearable scream, my dh stomped up the stairs and she stopped before he had even got to the top!

I'm sure that she was expecting me to bring her back downstairs again to get another cuddle!

I will be tougher tonight if she tried this again! I will leave her to cry (and hopefully wear herself out) and my dh will go to her - we will give her her dummy but not talk to her, smile at her ect.....

I cant beleive that just one night of breaking her routine caused so much trouble! Louise is only 5 months - my hv said that you cant spoil a baby until they're 9 months.....I think I now have a little girl who is going to cause me huge trouble in the future! lol She's totally spoilt and has got me wrapped round her little finger!


  • lol aaww bless her! your doing the right thing though! I wish I had with my middle boy. He still wakes in the night to get a cuddle and he will be 2 in Jan!! its a nightmare!

    Shes a clever lil one! lol @ having you wrapped round her little finger! good luck for tonight xx xx
  • its true - it really does only take one night out of routine and it all goes to pot :lol:

    hopefully she will settle back down again tonight properly.
    with all our upheaval recently Ollie has decided 5 am ish is wake up time. :cry: we're trying everything to get him to sleep through till 7 again but nothing has worked so far, and he still goes to bed at the same time every night....

    i think they all get us wrapped around their fingers Ollie certainly has with me :lol:

    good luck for tonight image

  • Gabe doesn't really have much of a routine and it's never effected sleeping through or not....I've got to be honest I'm not a huge fan of a routine now, especially not with times etc. When we were in one, Gabe did sleep through more often BUT I was constantly stressed about what time it was!
    I don't bath him much anymore (once/twice a week) and it has made no end of difference. I do top n tail and change instead and he seems to associate that with bed time as well.
    Ive got to be honest I don't think you can spoil a baby. I had Gabe sleep in my bed most nights for ages when he was going thru a bad sleep patch (made worse by eczema irritating him) fairly recently, I never did controlled crying but now he is sleeping through again fine!!
  • thanks everyone!

    Well last night, she was bathed, fed in our room in the dark and then was really awake and as hyperactive as a 5 month old can be! So, we let her play on our bed until she wore herself out, then put her in her sleeping bag and into her cot. A few minutes later she cried, we left her for a few minutes then dh went up to give her her dummy, She woke up crying an hour later and was settled by daddy and then again an hour later - this wasjust before 10pm so I fed her and we went to bed - she didn't stir again till 3am........

    She's never slept through the night and every night is different!
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