How much formula should a 2 week old be having?

Hi ladies,

Had to switch to FF from BF earlier this week due to various problems- (am now on antibiotics so that made the decision for me.) Have been giving DS SMA Gold- he seems to be wanting a feed every 3 hours and can easily gulp away 4oz. He seems to have adjusted well to the change except from the night feeds- seems to fight with the bottle, cries for ages & be very windy. I have also noticed that his poos are becoming more solid & he struggles to push it out sometimes- but not sure if this is coincidence?

Just wondering how much formula is advised for a 2 week old- dont want to be overfeeding him. I have been checking nappies etc before giving him a feed. Also what is advised re. giving LO boiled water?



  • This sounds about the same as my son was on at 2 weeks, 4oz every 3 hours or so, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Mayve try offering him cooled boiled water from a bottle between feeds incase he is getting a little constipated. Oh, also just remembered that SMA gold made my baby constipated so we changed to aptamil and he got on far better with that, have heard from a few Mums that SMA gold can have that effect. Always allow a couple of weeks before attempting to change to another formula so they get a chance to get used to it and doesnt upset their wee tum.
    I'm afraid i cant help with the night feeds though, perhaps try gripe water or infacol before feeds at night? Some of the other ladies might be able to help you with that one!

  • i was wondering this... my lo is 10 days and is having 2.5 - 3oz. on the back of the sma it says 3.5 for a 7 1/2 lb baby.... mine isn't yet 6lb!!!
  • Claire, we had to change from sma gold to aptimil comfort because he was getting terrible constipation and colic. We didn't wait two weeks to change - the hv didn't suggest this just agreed that sma wasn't agreeing with him and to try something else. We also give an oz of cooled boiled water before 3 feeds during the day. Its taken about 10 days but he's much more settled and is doing 3 nice loose poos a day rather than the 1 rabbit dropping he was doing before. Jason takes 5 oz every 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day but he is nearly 10lbs. If you are unsure give your hv a call to double check.

    You could try invacol too but it made Jason throw up and the hv said if you are using a comfort milk for colicy babies you don't need it because a similar type of thing is in the milk.

    O/T but how are you feeling since having the baby? Has your spg gone away?
    Faith x
  • Thanks Faithie. Jack is just over 8lbs so I suppose it sounds about right. He didnt eat much for the first week so he is probably making up for it the poor little mite!! Seeing HV tomorrow for first tomorrow so might ask her about the milk. Quite a few people have recommended Aptimil.

    My SPD went more or less the day after birth- can u believe it!!! I cant even remember what it felt like. How are things going with you hun?

    I would be out and about if it wasn't for my c-section stitiches causing me trouble- i have picked up two infections & wound is still so sore! Hope my bad luck runs out soon. But he is so worth it!!!

    I hope we all stay in touch even though we have had the babies- its nice to know how everybody is getting on!!!

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