to dreamfeed or not to dreamfeed???

I used to give alfie a dreamfeed at about 10pm and he used to sleep through till 5 then one day i decided to see what would happen if i stopped so i did and he still slept through till 5 which was great (this was about 8 weeks ago) However he has been getting up earlier and earlier and last night it was 2.30. I am just wondering if i should start it again and see how he gets on as i am starting to do some supply teaching from this week so could do with a good nights sleep and if i can feed him at 10pm and him not get up till 7am that would be fantastic.

I have started weaning him and that has been going really well and he is now on 3 meals and 2 puddings a day with 3 7oz bottles during the day aswell. i just can't get him to break the habit of getting up in the night.

Should i give the dreamfeed a try agin to see what happens or is this going backwards?

Charlene and Alfie (21 weeks)



  • Have you tried getting him to sleep with a dummy or one of those dreamshow thingies? Or could he just be going through a growth spurt?

    Sorry about all questions and no advice, I just didn't want to not put something as no one else had yet haha x
  • thank you very much for your reply. He goes to sleep no problems and he does have a dummy in the night. I give it to him the first time he whinges in the night and it used to settle him for about an hour before he wanted a bottle but now he wants the milk straight away.

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