When did your baby move from a crib to cotbed?

I was just wondering how long your babies were in a crib (not Moses basket) before being moved into a cotbed. Ds is currently in a pram carrycot (with airflow mattress for overnight sleeping) but I'm concerned he'll start bashing the sides and waking himself up as he gets bigger, but I don't want to move him into his own room and cotbed until as late as possible.


  • DD was in her swinging crib until she was 4 months, she is a small baby and can still easily fit and she is 9 months but she thrashes in her sleep and now climbs but we put her into her cot bed and moved her cot bed in with us and she is still there, I am planning on moving her into her own room soon though!
  • lo moved from crib to cot bed at 21 weeks
  • Ryans still in his crib (12 weeks). Luckily it's made completely from soft fabric so he doesn't wake up from hitting the sides, in fact he often sleeps with his arm resting up against the edge. He's still got about another five inches of space length ways but think we'll be having to move him fairly soon as he's a wriggle-bum in his sleep. Put him in his travel cot the other day (his cotbed is still in the box waiting to be build - bad mummy but it is next on te flat pack list) and he absolutely loved it in there
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