For those of you who delivered in water..

Hi ladies, hope you and your babies are well!

I am just crashing from pregnancy forum to ask of those of you who had waterbirths, how badly did you tear, if at all?? I am due in a couple of weeks, and all being well I am aiming to have a home waterbirth and have read that it helps reduce tearing but I havent actually seen whether many ppl have torn while in the water.

Thanks in advance

Becky x


  • Hi i had my 3rd in the water and did not tear but as i said it was my 3rd did not tear 1st or 2nd either. sorry not much help, good luck it's a great way to give birth.x
  • I had a waterbirth with my son, I had a very small 3rd degree tear, but it was so small that I didn't need stitches or anything, personally I think it was more todo with the fact that I had such a quick birth.
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, its interesting to see.

    Anyone else have experience of this?

  • Hi hun, my sister had a waterbirth with her 2nd and didn't tear either. She's convinced the water helped - she said it makes your bits all soft and more pliable (sp?!)!
    Her first was born in hospital and she did tear from it.

    Hope this helps!
  • hi, i had a water birth, defo recommend it- i had a 2nd degree tear- mine was quite bad, but my baby came out with her hand at the side of her face which probs contributed, i still didnt find the experience too painful and def think the water helped though. xx
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