8 months today

Tyler is 8 months today and I cant quite believe where the time has gone! He has come on so well since we bought him home and he is such a lovely baby and fits into our family perfectly. Its all gone so fast but at the same time I couldnt imagine my life without him. I love him sooooo much.

Sorry for the soppy post but I feel all emotional today. :roll:

Elaine & boys xx


  • awwww *hugs*

    I have these days too. Grace is coming up to 6 month and i can't believe that! only seems like last week that i had her! lol. Not babies long bless em. Enjoy while you can. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Know what you mean-Alf was 7 months on Tuesday and when people ask how old he is I always say...'I can't believe but he's..'
    Always thought people we're being daft saying make the most of it etc but they're soooo right. Anyway, Happy 8 months Birthday Tyler and hugs to you babe! xx
  • That's sweet!! Happy 8 month birthday to Tyler!!
    Poppy is 17 months and I get all upset sometimes at how fast the time has gone- although she'll always be my baby, she isn't really a baby anymore now she's walking and talking so much!
  • HAppy 8 months Tyler!
    Cams 8 months on sunday, its shocking isnt it!
  • Ciatlin is 8 months too today, She is a little madam, she crawls, stands alone and now is trying to walk, she does in her cot evry morning, omg wheres the time gone.

    I wouldnt changed my boy robbie whos 5 or caitlin or the world, this week may me realise how lucky am i x I have been so emotional for weeks but now I will concerntrate on the special people in my life, my OH has been great too im so lucky
  • happy 8 months birthday tyler. fin is 8 months in 3 weeks and im back at work in 10 weeks and it seems to have flown by. i get really emotional bout it all as he will always be my baby.lol. il be the ultimate annoyin mil.lol. either that or hel refuse to leave home and oh will move out.lol.xxx
  • thanx ladies! what are we like eh? we have the best bubas in the world!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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