Anyone have gestational diabeties

Hey everyone, title says it all i guess image

This is my 3rd pg but first time of having GD. Was wondering if anyone of you had this in your pgs?? Had my growth scan today and looks like lil man will be here in 8wks (eekkk) so was wondering who had a induction, what the care of the baby was after birth etc - feels like the unknown at the minute and the only place i can ask is googe - not good!

kim 29+5 xx


  • Hi Woomummy

    Only just found this post, wasn't on here yesterday.

    I had GD with my lo who is now 13 months old. He is my first baby, so didn't really know what to expect at all. I had to have insulin to control my blood sugars for the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, but was lucky that lo seemed to stay a reasonably normal size, so they let me go to 39 weeks before they took me in for an induction.

    I was admitted to hospital at night ready for induction in the morning, but was so stressed out by it all that my contractions started by themselves. So the midwife skipped straight to the bit where they broke my waters - at the same time they attached me to an insulin drip to control my sugars. Labour was 24 hrs long and didn't really progress properly, eventually baby got distressed and I had an emergency section.

    I was warned that baby may need to go to scabu for a while if his blood sugars were unstable, but it wasn't necessary. Lo managed to keep himself nice and stable and quickly got used to the regular heel pricks to test his blood, every couple of hours if I remember rightly. We went home 36 hours after he was born. Other than the heel pricks I don't think there was anything different about us - actually, they told me to feed him very regularly to make sure his sugar level stayed up.

    My insulin drip was taken down before I even left theatre and no one checked my blood sugars after that - I had my machine with me though, so I did check it myself.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions. I looked on here for people with GD when I was preg, but couldn't find anyone, so I hope I can help.

    Are you diet or insulin controlled? Have the docs told you when they will induce?

    Nicola. xx
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