After a week of sleeping through........

she starts teething!!!!

Frankie started sleeping through for roughly 10 hours a night then the teething started. She has her last feed about 8 then would sleep til somewhere between 6 and 8. Now she is waking several times a night because of her teeth. I have resorted to feeding her during the night again just to help her to go back to sleep. Last night was really bad. I think i got less than 3 hours sleep and i cant even go back to sleep during her naps cos im waiting for a washing machine.

Please help me!!!! Shes only 11 weeks. I have tried dentinox teething gel and calpol as a last resort but they dont seem to help for very long. She doesnt know what to do with a teething ring and the tommee tippee dummy things warm within a few seconds. Does teething stop and start? I cant bear the thought of this continuing for the next few months


  • have you tried nurophen instead of calpol
    also frozen bananas for them to chew on are great i used them for all three of mine x
  • I find it does stop and start. Gabe didn't teeth early, he started at maybe 6 months and then it wasnt very often. He got his 1st tooth at 7 months and had no problems with it but the 2nd 5 days later and that was a pain. He is now cutting the top left one and is being quite bad with it on and off.

    I dont think it will carry on until she gets her 1st tooth...shes probably just feeling them start to move under the gums. xx
  • Hey,

    unfortunatly the teeth move up gradually and stop and start moving lots before they actually appear.

    I like the idea of frozon banana - will give that a try - I presume you cut it into slices before freezing?

    I use teething powders and find they work really well.

  • odd frozen bannanas? coz all the cooking books say u cant freeze banana? i used to give brooke carrot batons to gum on much better than bicci pegs.. ooooh and holland and barrett teething tablets! amazing! everyone i hve reccomended them too swear by them too! xx
  • Do you know what age you can use the tablets/powders from? I like the idea of giving food instead of teething rings but shes too young, she wouldnt know what to do with it!!!

    Katie - wasnt that the best weeks sleep you have ever had in your life?
  • the ones we use from holland and barret are from birth, well we used them from very early. my mtes lo cut her 1st tooth at 3 months so used them from very young. u get loads in a pot too and they jsut melt in the mouth x
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