Pick up / Put down- success stories please!!

Just need a bit of encouragement from anyone who has used this method successfully!

Beth usually goes down ok in the evening but really struggles with naps. I've been using PU/PD for the last 2 days, twice now for naps and once in the evening. It has worked in that I've got her to sleep in the cot but it's taken about 50 minutes each time. Is it really going to get easier and quicker, or will I have the same battle each time I try to put her down for a nap??


  • i did reply but it got lost somewhere.
    what is pick up put down method hun?
  • pupd, is when your child dries, you pick them up put them on your shoulder as if you are winding them. Pat their back and say shhh then as soon as they are quiet put them straight back down again, Its reasurrance to them that you are there and its an alternative to control crying where you let your lo cry.
    Bedhead will be able to explain it better!

    I started last week. My lo never slept in her cot during the day and couldnt get herself back to sleep once she woke herself in teh night.

    Answer: Ever since I started she sleeps 30-40mins in mornijng and 1.5-2hrs in afternoon. She also settles herself at night, just trying to get past the 4-5am wakening!

    It started of with 20mins no its coming down to 10mins. Unfortunately my lo battles sleep, any slight noise she suddenly alert again. Keep going Poz it can only get better. Are you putting her down when shes half sleepy or awake? What times mare you putting her down for naps? Remind me how old she is? xxx
  • Hi Poz,
    Weve been doing pu/pd since monday it started off taking us over an hour (including staying with him for 10 mins after hes asleep)
    Now it takes around 30-40 mins ut not a lot of that is actually picking him up, we pu/pd around 5 times now then just sit with a hand on his chest and shush him to sleep now which is really good and hes been ale to settle himself back to sleep if he doesnt need a feed.
    Your doing really well its definatly hard
    Good luck!
  • It's where you put them for the nap, every time they cry you pick them up and sooth them and then put them back in the cot as soon as they stop. It's supposed to help them learn to fall asleep on their own- Beth can fall asleep after a feed or in the pushchair but even when she's really tired she finds it hard to fall asleep in her cot. I think the method is from the Baby Whisperer.
  • I tried this the other night and then chickened out. I felt really cruel, and he began to not settle when I picked him up, he was having a good old tantrum and arching back telling me off. If you have success with it please let me know! It looks like others have found it useful, so it must just be a case of persevering. Good luck. xxx
  • I did this with my 3 year old when she was around 12 months old it took a few hours and a few 100 trips up the stairs for me and around a week for it to actually work but you need to stick at it and once the first few days are over it does eventually sink in and get easier!!!
    good luck xx
  • Thanks for the replies. Beth is nearly 6 months, I am trying to give her 2 naps a day, at around 11 and 3. I try to wait till she is looking tired and then put her down, but she is one of those babies who just does not want to sleep. She can be really tired but not sleepy and will just keep going, really active until she is so exhausted that she finally falls asleep! So I am trying to get her to sleep when she first gets tired.

    This afternoon she was very tired after lunch and I managed to get her to sleep after only about 15 minutes, so I am hoping that it is having some effect. I''m determined not to give in as I really want to get her sleep habits sorted out!
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  • I did this when Neve was 10 months old, she went from being rocked to sleep to being put down awake. We saw big results in the first couple of nights but it took a good six weeks to be able to pop her in her cot, say goodnight and leave the room.

    I know it can take a long time but its a great method and we never had to let her cry it out which would have been a disaster as she throws up when she gets really worked up!

  • Hi Poz,

    I've not used the pick up put down technique so can't hehlp on that - as stanley has never been rocked to sleep or fallen asleep on me, and I was a mean mummy who used to leave him to cry for 12 minutes gina ford style!..lol

    Anyway just wanted to say (as your probably wondering why i'm replying!) I noticed you said you wait for beth to get tired before putting her down..I know all babies are different but have you tried putting her down straight after a feed in the day before she seems tired?? The only time stanley won't settle is if he gets overtired, then we have tears and he dosn't know what to do with himself. Instead I put him down in the cot happy and quite wide awake (he goes down 8.30ish for an hour and then 12ish or 2ish for 2-3 hours depending on when we're home!) and as its after his lunch/feed and if he's happy in there i put on the mobile and pull the curtains (plus blackout linings which are a must!) and he's gone to sleep in minutes..where as if I wait (say if we have visitors and they say 'but he's fine he's not tired!) grr...he gets himself in a state and moans and winges and cries as soon as I put him down!

    Sorry i'm not helping with the technique as such..just thought it may be worth a try! Take care.xxxx

  • I too decided I wanted my evenings back with my oh rather than racing up and down the stair

    Rebecca,,,,I didnt realise until Ir ead about it...if they arch their back it means they are tired and want to be put down. If you want your lo it is about perservering (/sp) at times I ahve thought 'forgoodness sake just go to sleep!'. I have ocntinued and it seems to be taking effect. When you hold them over your shoulder, you do it till tehy calm down, then you lie them down. My los 8.5 and I wanted to get it sorted before she reached a yr and was in the habit of falling asleep on the breast.
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