work question - got an interview!??!?!?!?

Hi all

I have an interview this Friday for a brilliant job, im on maternity leave until Feb2011

Do i still have to give 4 weeks notice and physically not start a new job until those 4 weeks are over even tho someone is already doing my job??

I understand tax issues etc but surely my employers can simply adjust all that and let me leave asap?

Anyone have any idea??? This job is brilliant and they'd want me to start asap

Already spoke to HR and had new girl who had no idea so have emailed the HR boss plus my line manager is also covering maternity cover and has no idea either!

thanks xxx


  • Hey if you are receiving company mat pay, then you'll need to physically return to work and give the 4 weeks notice
    from your return. If you are only on smp which is governmental, I'd assume you wouldn't really have to give any special notice, and could use holidays accumulated to cover them...I think...did ur work pay you any special allowances?
  • I start a new job 3 weeks today straight from matty leave. They have been waiting for me to start since July! I only gave my notice a few weeks ago and I gave 6 weeks as that is what is in my contract.

    I am taking cash for my annual leave that I have accrude.
    The new job should wait the 4 weeks for your notice period as that is pretty standard practice. TBH I would enjoy the 4 weeks off before you start and not worry about it. If your new employers are worth it then they will wait.
    Might be worth checking that you dont need to pay back any matty pay if you aren't going back to your current job (additional matty pay that is).
    Good luck with the interview.

    Serena X
  • I have just got a new job and my mat leave doesn't end till December. I have to give 3 months notice so I did that - with the effect that I would never actually return to work because my notice period would end just before I was due to go back.

    I didn't even ask them but my old job just automatically said that they would wrap everything up for me in next months' pay, so I get my final pay, holiday pay etc exactly the same as if I got it in Dec but a couple of months early and that's that, so much easier for everyone.

    Check your contract and mat leave policy. If you're just on the statutory scheme there's no reason why you can't work while on mat leave unless something in your contract says otherwise (and realistically most companies do put something in saying you can't moonlight which is what you'd be doing if you were technically employed by two companies at once). They might not have though. If you're on additional mat pay you will probably have to pay at least some back so check that out too.

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