Baby P was discharged by the Hospital where I had my baby!

I've just been watching the news! I'm so shocked! I know that he lived fairly close to where I do.. I just can't believe it! When I heard the story, what ever about the social workers (they always get slatted) ect.. I couldn't understand HOW a doctor could look at a tiny baby with so many extream injuries and just let the child off with out having alarm bells ringing - I mean out of all the professionals the doctor knew the baby was harmed!! Seen for them selves! That poor baby was sooo badly let down! I had Charlie there not that long ago and some of you may remember my birth story & the poor treatment I recieved!

I honestly feel numb that it's happened soo close! I'll certainly be changing hospitals for my next baby.. That poor little sole. :cry:


  • are u on about north mid? thats where i had J and Isaac too.
  • no it was just on the news about he visited the Whittington hospital!
  • isaac was born in jan 07 a month after that poor lil boy was pronounced dead there. I would love to get my hands on the people that was supposed to love and care for him.
  • a i see. he was taken to north mid a few times aswel. I remember reading ur birth story babe. did ever make any formal complaints? xx
  • NO I haven't done as of yet.. I was very ill for a long time afterwards so didn't feel able or objective enough to be able to know exactly what I was complaining about if that makes sence?
  • I know what you mean, that paediatrician described him as cranky and miserable!!! WTF Isaac is cranky and miserable he has a cold, that poor child had so many injuries too awful to mention includng broken ribs and a broken spine, how they missed it is beyond me, that poor baby was failed by so many people in his short life and it beggars belief how somwthing like that can happen in this day and age. The social workers completely let him down, 60 visits and they still couldnt determine that he was being abused, maybe that is an indicator of their workload though, I used to work in a government department and it was all about cost cutting and saving and job cuts, maybe that is why Gordon Brown was on the attack when David Cameron asked him how it could happen. There needs to be a review of ALL social services not just in Haringey to make sure that this sort of thing never ever happens again, it is so tragic, and my heart breaks every time I think of how that beautiful little angel must have suffered.

    There are always stories on the news about child abuse but none has affected me in quite the way this one has, everytime I think of him I just cry, I think maybe because Isaac is a similar age and also has blonde curls and blue eyes, he is the most precious thing (along with my other 3 children) in my life and I just cant imagine any child having to go through what poor baby p did, each time I see the picture of him I just want to pick him up and kiss and cuddle him and give him the love he so desperately wamted and deserved. :cry:
  • This story has affected me so badly,i hate all crueltly cases weather it be animals,old ppl,young children,anyone really!but i think since becoming a mother myself and the fact Benji is only 2mths younger than poor little baby P was when he died as just touched on a nerve with me!i really cant stop thinking about it and get so upset..panorama is on now about it and i know i cant watch it because it just upsets me so so much!Like Hayley1 says everytime i see a pic of him on the news or in a paper i just want to give him the love he so needed!it scares me that she was chatting online just like we all do whilst her lo was suffering!!!!!!its heartbreaking that a "mother"can let all this happen!sorry to bring it all up again because i know it upsets everyone!
  • i was in tears today in work as they had a pic of baby P on the news and he looks so like my son who is the same age. i think i wish he had lived with me and be taken care of.
  • It_must_be_love, you must live near me. Just had to force myself to watch that Baby P thing, really horrible that its happened so close - just awful seeing all those familiar places. As for the Whittington, i was lucky, had the choice of there or UCH and chose UCH which was fantastic. Had too many bad stories about the Whittington and it never looked clean there when my nan was in there loads, she got MRSA there. I don't know what happened in your birth sorry but hope you and bambino were ok x
  • I think i'll try UCH or Royal Free next time around! I couldn't watch the programme I wouldnt be able to sleep... like others have said wouldnt you just want to pick him up and cuddle him! I've become sooo senitive since i've had my baby (well always have been really but more so!) Yeah i'm getting better.. if you look under big mama house youve been evicted on BE I think thats my birth story? lol if i remember rightly! x
  • That's forward thinking, i'm impressed!! I know, i was watching and kind of hoping the end was going to change, just hope something good comes out of it. Will have a read of your story, love the title! x
  • lol tried to look it up cant quite rememeber it.. I can post it again if you cant find it! x
  • Yeah in regards to SW's they are damed if the do and dammed if they don't.. don't remove a child and it'd your fault, remove a child and you a taking children from there family and 'loved' ones.. & they are over worked! It was the mother and boy friend who took the actions of abuse!
  • I think the same joanne& somewhere last night that someone was feeling sorry for the dad!!!!!!!!!i just thought why???if he saw that little boy he HAD to know something was not right and any careing father would of gone and taken his child out of a home that was unsafe..especially has he knew that the social had become involved..also heard something from the grandmother saying how she reported baby P...well sorry all abit late now if you saw your grandchild with bruises and probably being very withdrawn and fearful you would surely DO SOMETHING MORE!
  • I agree Joanne, how can the system/sw be held reponsible for not acting on something that his own father choose to either not notice or not do anything about. What happened to baby P was horrific but surely the wider family, who choose to turn a blind eye, should be held responsible before the social service system.
  • oh really? thats sooo bad!
  • Joanne, I don't suppose you have the link for the fb group? I want to report it to fb as I'm fairly sure it breaks nearly all of their rules. If you don't want to post it on here could you email it to me via the site?
  • I did a post here the other day about anti pedo groups ect being sent to me contiuniouly.. so scary! x
  • Good. I think facebook is fanstastic for keeping in touch with people you don't see often but it does seem to bring out the mob mentality.
  • I feel for the social worker, I know she missed all the signs but at the end of the day, she has to live with the fact that she didnt spot the signs and that poor baby died because of what she missed, it said in the paper that if it wasnt for her own children she admitted she would have thought about suicide, It was the system that failed that baby and the very people that were supposed to love and cherish him, I did watch panorama and on several occasions it said that recommendations were from him to be put into care but it was always over ruled by senior social workers, at the end of the day it is all about putting ticks in boxes and meeting targets, when are this government going to realise that children and their welfare cannot be subject to meeting targets. Deal with it and bugger the cost of putting them in to care, I would happily give a child a loving home for free, love costs nothing and every child has the right to be loved and cared for.

    As for the father, there was a news story that he kidnapped the boy and refused to take him home but the police turned up on his door and he had to hand the baby over or he would have been arrested. The whole thing is just one big example of how crap the system is at protecting a child, if a child is at risk at all then they should be removed from the situation that puts them at risk. Sorry if that sounds harsh but children are too precious to be put in unnecessary danger.
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